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Gallery Furniture: Our Most Unique Furniture

Gallery Furniture

Over seven years, we have amassed an incredible gallery furniture and antiques. Thankfully, we got most of our best pieces on film and can reminisce about this collection from the gallery.

As we go into our seventh year of business, it is nice to look back at our most unique furniture we have sold. Of course, each antique furniture piece from our gallery tells a story. Sincerely, we hope you enjoy the stories behind our most unique gallery furniture.

Unique Furniture

Unique furniture can be unusually carved, have very strange features or just be a superb example of a particular period. Some of these unique furniture pieces have a striking look, or an amazing story.

Other times, these unique pieces show incredible craftsmanship and truly were one of a kind.

Our list of the most Unique Furniture Pieces include:

  1. Antique Poster Bed
  2. Lundee Dundee Scottish Clock
  3. Art Nouveau Cabinet
  4. Antique Banquet Table
  5. Carved Breton Cabinet
  6. Antique European Armoire
  7. Mercury Clock
  8. Carved Drop Leaf Table
  9. Berkey and Gay Eagle Table
  10. Antique Gettysburg Chest
  11. Kittinger Desk
  12. Mediterranean Cabinet
  13. Unique Table (Round Table)
  14. Tall Chest of Drawers
  15. Antique Carved Cabinet
  16. Oak Pier Mirror
  17. Tiger Maple Table
  18. Unique New England Sideboard
  19. Victorian Desk with Combination Lock
  20. Antique French Wardrobe

Of course, this includes some of our most fantastic, exciting and truly unique furniture pieces of the last seven years!

Moreover, many of these pieces were memorable because some very fabulous clients purchased them. We thank you all for your passion for these wonderous and unique furniture pieces!

1. Antique Poster Bed

This antique poster bed has incredible carvings all around every post.

antique poster bed

Additionally, it features solid mahogany and dates to 1825. No doubt this fabulous antique poster bed continues to rank as both an incredible antique and an outstanding piece of art for our gallery furniture!

2. Antique Scottish Clock, Lundee of Dundee Clock

Not only did this unique antique clock have an incredible rhyming name, it had a great look. The early antique clock featured beautiful mahogany case. Also, it had a beautiful hand-painted face.

antique clock

Finally, even the early pendulum had paint decoration on it! Truly, this was a fantastic antique clock.

antique clock pendulum

3. Art Nouveau Cabinet

Of course, this art nouveau cabinet had a fantastic artsy look. Additionally, it is rare for us to find furniture from this era.

art nouveau furniture

The doors had beautiful and unique sunflowers carved on them. Obviously, this made the unique furniture cabinet a very quick sale! This piece of gallery furniture really stands out as part of a unique historical movement as well.

unique furniture

4. Antique Banquet Table

Not only did this early antique table have beautiful inlay along the apron, it also had a very adaptable look.

banquet table, gallery furniture

The table could go from extremely tiny. Then, with some adjustment, it could seat over twelve people! Obviously, this unique antique table does not come around that often. It sat for only a few days in our furniture gallery.

banquet table, furniture gallery

5. Carved Breton Cabinet

Rarely does an antique also have a great sense of humor. However, this antique Breton cabinet featured a narrative style that really brought this unique piece of furniture to life.

unique furniture, antique cabinet

The cabinet featured a beautiful array of carved panels, all depicting a drinking story. By the final panel, the protagonists in this cabinet seemed to have a very amusing evening!

unique furniture, antique cabinet

6. Antique European Armoire

This unique antique European armoire shows incredible detail. Obviously, it had a very wealthy owner commission it. Of course, the paneled doors and lovely middle column made for a beautiful display.

furniture gallery, antique cabinet

However, the long key and incredible lock make this cabinet truly unique. Surprisingly, the new owner accidently locked the key inside, and had to have her police officer friend retrieve it. How did she get him to get it open? She told him to pretend a baby was locked inside!

antique cabinet, unique furniture

7. Mercury Clock

Luckily, we knew a bit about mythology before purchasing this antique figural clock! Of course, Mercury has many traits, but his status as God of business and commerce makes him a great character for the clock.

gallery furniture, antique clock

This late 19th century clock by Ansonia no doubt continues to be a focal point today. When it was in our gallery furniture and clock lovers alike took notice!

8. Carved Drop Leaf Table

Now, many people know we love collecting finely carved antiques. However, this unique hairy paw carved drop leaf table really takes the cake!

unique furniture, antique table

The incredible detail on this Empire Period table really gives it a rich feel. And the authentic looking paw and hair really come to life in this unique table.

antique table, unique furniture

9. Berkey and Gay Eagle Table

Obviously, we love American furniture and Americana furniture. So, when we saw this little table with the carved Eagle drawer, we knew we had to have it.

gallery furniture, berkey and gay table

However, what really surprised us was the story inside the drawer. This table had a plague that explained the wood came from the floorboards of the U.S. Constitution! What an incredible piece of history!

unique furniture, berkey and gay table

10. Antique Gettysburg Chest

This antique Gettysburg chest came from the McPherson estate. Of course, the Civil War buffs will remember McPherson’s Ridge very well, as the location of the first battle at Gettysburg.

gallery furniture, antique chest

However, the chest had unique attributes as well: Very beautiful hardware with signs of peace, and also an ingenious wooden locking mechanism.

antique chest, unique furniture

11. Kittinger Desk

Obviously, Kittinger is known for their fine reproduction furniture, especially their Colonial Williamsburg Collection. Indeed, many pieces of Kittinger Furniture sit in the most loved furniture gallery: The White House. Nevertheless, this vintage furniture brand also made incredible Jacobean style furniture in the 1910s and 1920s.

kittinger desk, unique furniture

This unique two tone Kittinger desk had an incredible look and makes for a great statement piece in a lawyer’s office today!

12. Mediterranean Cabinet

Large, bold and with an incredible variety of motifs, this antique cabinet had imagery of both land and sea. The corners looked like mast heads, and shells decorated the top.

antique cabinet, unique gallery furniture

Additionally, fruit and nuts cascade down the edges, making this rich antique cabinet an incredible showpiece.

13. Unique Round Table

While not an antique, this vintage table had an ingenious design. With a painted base and cherry top, this unique table could expand like many we stock in the store.

round table, unique furniture

However, this round table remains a perfect circle when you add the leaves. So, it had fitted half moon shaped leaves that clipped into place and were supported by extending arms.

extending table, gallery furniture

Now, it makes a perfect round table for its new owners.

14. Tall Chest of Drawers

Sometimes, it is just the size that makes something unique. This unique furniture chest of drawers from the early 1800s had an incredible look and stood well over 6.5 ft tall.

tall chest, antique chest

The cherry antique chest had a great look, and no doubt gets plenty of use in its new home in Georgia.

15. Antique Carved Cabinet

During the Renaissance revival period, furniture looked to castles, folk lore and mythical beings for inspiration. Of course, this piece of unique furniture has an incredible amount of high relief carving.

antique cabinet, gallery furniture

Obviously, this griffin or dragon carving in the center served as the focal point for this huge antique cabinet.

antique cabinet, gallery furniture

16. Oak Pier Mirror

As most of the items we get our true furniture pieces, this oak pier mirror actually could be considered a piece of architectural salvage. Of course, it could simply lean against the wall as we did here. However, more than likely it served as part of a wall molding in a late 1800s home.

tall antique mirror

Naturally, this oak mirror also makes the list because of the incredible tiger oak veneers and beautiful column capitals.

17. Tiger Maple Table

What do you get when you combine a truly unique furniture design with incredible unique wood? Well, you get something like this incredible vintage table. Each half of the table tilted upwards when you don’t need it. And, it had the most incredible tiger maple wood table top.

tiger maple table

Likely made by high end furniture company, D.R. Dimes or Eldred Wheeler, this vintage table did not have a mark. However, it certainly will not be soon forgotten!

tiger maple table, unique furniture

18. Unique New England Sideboard

Believe it or not, this unique New England sideboard continues to strike me as one of our greatest pieces. Even though it does not have a traditional look, I loved this sideboard for its unique furniture design. Of course, it had carved columns and a great two tone look in the finish.

unique sideboard

The curly backsplash and bun feet made it all the more fantastic. What a statement piece!

19. Victorian Roll Top Desk with Combination Lock

This unique walnut roll top desk actually ended up in a politician’s office in DC. Of course, it is not hard to see why! The desk had a very unique look with the heavy roll top. Additionally, it had a carved backsplash. Finally, it had an original combination lock.

antique desk, unique furniture

Honestly, who wouldn’t love this unique desk? Victorian furniture can really add a special touch.

antique desk combination lock

20. Antique French Armoire

Enormous, beautifully carved and rounded on each end, this French Armoire made such a statement! It had such an amazing design, with roses, cherubs and flowers decorating the exterior. The absolutely magnificent wardrobe also showed incredible quality. Indeed, you can see this quality in the paneled door, beveled mirror and fabulous hand carved detail.

antique armoire

It even came with fitted hat boxes. Truly, this antique wardrobe now makes a beautifully statement in a lovely sitting room. (It was just too pretty to hide away in a bedroom!)

antique armoire

Our Most Unique Furniture

Well, I hope you enjoyed touring this virtual gallery and learning more about some of our most memorable pieces. We love sharing our passion for antiques and fine furniture with our clients. Also, we feel incredibly lucky to meet so many that share in our passions for unique furniture and antiques.

Thank you for reading!

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