Antique Dining Table

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Antique Dining Tables

A mass produced, run-of-the-mill dining table makes your home look shoddy. More importantly, it might only last a few years, considering the way most modern dining tables are made. Take the time to select a handcrafted antique dining table that you can enjoy for years to come. You’ll be saving money in the long run, and you will enjoy the beautiful luster and depth of a wood antique dining table.

An antique dining table offers beauty and luxury like no other furniture piece in the home. It sparks conversation and gathering. It portrays stability and warmth. It elicits happy memories and creates new ones.

Often, even in less formal rooms, the table is where life happens! We dine, fold laundry, do homework and have most of our most important family conversations around the dining room table. Indeed, the right antique dining table becomes a truly functional focal point of the family home.

Vintage Dining Tables For Sale

Bohemian’s offers vintage tables at incredible furniture values. We select vintage dining tables that had an original retail price of over ten thousand dollars or more. Yet, our online store offers these vintage dining tables at a third of this original price! Brands like Baker Furniture, Kittinger Furniture, Statton Furniture and Stickley Furniture sold incredible heirloom dining tables.

These heavy and quality dining tables start with great woods. Solid wood tables in maple, mahogany, walnut and cherry will last for years to come. Best of all, because they are solid wood, our restoration team can refinish and restore these vintage dining tables to their former glory.

Antique Dining Tables for Sale

The antique dining tables category can include drop leaf tables, round dining tables, pedestal tables and more! Special antique dining tables might have carving along the edges or on the base. Sometimes, it is these smaller accent antique tables that demand the most attention in a home.