Antique Clocks

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Antique Mantel Clocks

Part sculpture, part painting, part mechanical marvel, antique clocks offer a beautiful piece of art for your home. If you have a strong fireplace mantel feature in your home, you want something more than a cheap decorator piece collecting dust. An antique mantel clock provides a feast for the senses. Of course, they have beautiful designs and faces. Often, these faces have hand painted elements or carved designs on the case. But they also have amazing mechanical moving parts and a soothing sound.

Moreover, antique mantel clocks have a rich history. Technology has evolved so quickly in the past one hundred years, it is easy to forget that there ever was a time when clocks weren’t all attached to cell phones! Antique mantel clocks remind us of an analog time in the past. Indeed, they teach us to appreciate the moments in life that are special: time with friends and family.

Also, they provide a soothing ritual. Winding an antique mantel clock every week allows you to slow down and appreciate the passage of time and life! All of our spring wound clocks have been serviced and oiled. So, you know with regular winding your mantel clock will run smoothly for years to come.

Antique Grandfather Clocks

Antique grandfather clocks and tall case clocks make a house a home! Antique grandfather clocks feature stunning mahogany or walnut wood cases. They have beautiful hoods with finials or carved bonnets. Even some antique grandfather clocks have moon faces that rotate with the moon cycle!

Antique grandfather clocks are driven by weights inside the case and regulated by swinging pendulums. Of course, no historic home is complete without an antique grandfather clock.

Antique Clocks For Sale

Below you will see the types of antique clocks we offer. English clocks, American clocks, French Clocks and even tall case clocks speak to our clientele! We hope to inspire you to take home one of these magical time pieces and live with them, as we have. They fill a house with such a sense of peace, as they tick-tock and ring on the hour or half hour. Indeed, once you live with an antique grandfather clock, you will miss sleeping without one!