Antique Beds

Antique Bed

An Antique bed will no doubt become the focal point of a guest room or master bedroom. Certainly, with a beautiful antique bed frame, vintage canopy bed, or stylish daybed in the room, nothing else will look quite as inviting! In this antique bed category, you will likely find several incredible antique beds for sale. We regularly feature Victorian beds, poster beds, canopy beds, solid wood beds, carved beds, and French beds. Our inventory of antique beds changes often, so check back to see our antique bed collection.

Antique Beds

Antique beds can bring us back to a different era. Of course, they bring in romance and beauty to a room. Additionally, an antique or vintage bed can start the creative process of decorating with linens, art and other furniture. With a quality solid wooden bed, you get a high quality and unique way to furnish a bedroom. Indeed, with so much of our lives spent in bed, it makes sense to invest in a luxurious and quality bed!

Antique Beds For Sale

We hand select our antique beds for sale. While rare and difficult to find, antique beds add lots of value to any historic or modern home. We have been delighted to see our antique beds for sale find homes at bed and breakfasts, inns, and bedrooms across the mid Atlantic region. Many of our antique beds for sale have been restored and refinished. This process allows our antique beds for sale to stand out from the competition. We ensure that an antique bed looks as great as it can! Indeed, our antique beds for sale will last for years to come.

Regularly, we customize antique beds for sale so that they can fit a Queen size mattress. While this may take some time and creativity, our clients who have decided to retrofit an old bed have been nothing but happy with the results. Of course, we want our clients to be comfortable in their antique bed. Often that means, extending the width and length so that a modern mattress can fit into the bed frame. We are happy to help with these endeavors.

Antique Poster Beds

Bohemian’s searches and finds the finest antique poster beds to add to our growing and available selection of beds to add to your bohemian style home design and decor.

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