Vintage Furniture

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Vintage Furniture Store

The Vintage furniture found in this store will completely transform a room. Of course, vintage style furniture can add charm and beauty to bedrooms, dining rooms or living rooms and even offices. Often, the best vintage furniture from yesteryear beats new furniture in quality and style.

Online Vintage store

Typically, one has to do quite a bit of hunting to find the perfect piece of vintage furniture. People typically start at used furniture stores, thrift stores and flea markets. However, often the quality and style just isn’t there!

Bohemians does much of that tedious work (and heavy lifting) for you! We research the best brands, and know from experience which companies made exquisite high end furniture, and which simply capitalized on popular styles or trends. Thus, we frequently stock our vintage store with Baker Furniture, Pennsylvania House Furniture, Ethan Allen Furniture, Thomasville Furniture, Stickley Furniture and other similar top brands. These high end vintage brands were made with quality materials and with age old construction techniques. They just don’t make them like they used to!

Restored Vintage Furniture

We also do much work to make sure these vintage beauties have the good lucks to go along with the name! Indeed, we often refinish and sensitively restore our vintage desks, vintage sideboards, and vintage beds so they are in near perfect condition for their new life with you. Enjoy the Beauty. Feel the Quality.

Purchasing from a Company You can Trust

Many online dealers come and go. But Bohemian’s continues to run a successful storefront (Open Saturdays and Sundays) and has had years of experience. We have delivered our fine vintage furniture pieces all over Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. We thank our many customers over the years for the opportunity to serve them.

As a small business, we are personally involved with everyone of our deliveries. We make sure your new furniture gets to your home safely and in excellent condition. Please feel free to call, make an appointment or visit us on the weekends if you have further questions!