Vintage Accent Chairs, Victorian Style Chairs, His and Hers Chair Set, Pair of Chairs


Item: Vintage Pair of Chairs, Offered as a Pair.

Age & Condition: Circa 1940. Good with a few light stains to the fabric.

Dimensions: His Chair: 28″ wide x 28″ deep x 37.5″ tall. Seat height is 18″.
Hers Chair: 29″ wide x 27″ deep x 32″ tall. Seat Height is 17″ tall.

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Adorable and stylish vintage accent chairs, perfect for a living room or sitting room. These vintage chairs have so much charm!

Vintage Accent Chairs

Of course, these vintage accent chairs have a sort of neo-Victorian style, but were most likely made in the 1940s. They feature a carved back and lightly carved legs.

Also the chairs have a cream neutral fabric in stripes.

His and Hers Chair Set

This vintage his and hers chair set has so much charm. The “lady’s chair” sits a bit lower and has more flair to the arms. The “gentleman’s chair” has a slightly more upright position.

Both chairs show very well and have a comfortable feel.

That said, there are a few tiny imperfections to the upholstery. Please see the photos.