Antique China

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Antique China

You don’t have to be a debutant or Southern belle to enjoy the art of fine antique china! Wake up your usual dining table with beautiful antique china. Elevate the everyday occasion to something special with vintage and antique china.

We specialize in hand painted china, but also deal in transferware china and vintage china. Mostly, we offer complete sets of china at Bohemian’s. However, we do aim to offer large dinner platters, cut glass vases, and other stand-alone tableware as well. Use them as a centerpiece on a sideboard or entryway piece too. These special china pieces look great displayed on a wall or in a china cabinet too.

Antique China & Vintage China For Sale

When your home is furnished, often the table becomes your next fun creative pursuit! Play with color, pattern and theme by mixing your antique china in with newer dishes. An artful table can awaken your senses and help you find the beauty in everyday living. And, you can never have too much antique china!

Vintage china adds so much fun and flair to your table setting for events as well. There will be no shortage of compliments when you take your time to set a unique and lively table! Both formal dinner parties and casual luncheons give us an occasion to experiment with table decorating. Pull the event together with sensational antique china. Feast your eyes as well as your belly with special and artistic antique china.

Why not mix a modern placemat or tablecloth with some floral china? Alternatively, you could layer a set of old antique china in with gold edged china for special occasions. The huge range of antique dish patterns and combinations will absolutely win your heart! Let your imagination run wild with our vintage china for sale!