Antique Price Guide - The Value of Sold Antiques

Price Guide

Bohemian’s price guide records our former pieces sold by our online store. Of course, this antique price guide can be a great starting point when trying to establish antique furniture values. Also, this antique prices guide will help those looking for specific information about vintage furniture and antique furniture prices.

Antique Furniture Value

Determining the value of antique furniture has been the subject of books, blogs, and television shows. Sometimes, you need a more direct and current way to determine a piece of antique furniture value. Bohemians antique prices guide page can quickly provide comparable antique furniture and their sold prices. That way, you can see a true selling price for an antique dining room set. Or you can learn the value of an antique china cabinet on the market today. Finally, you will be able to learn the price of an antique table or vintage rug. Whatever type of antique furniture you need to appraise, chances are that we have sold something similar at Bohemians.

Formal appraisals often cost a pretty penny. Take the easy and free route and browse our pages of antique furniture sold page. If you have inherited an antique bookcase, you might want to know the value. Likewise, find the true sale price of your own antique furniture. Perhaps the value has increased over the years, or perhaps you lost value in your investment. Indeed, the only way to truly determine value is to look at the prices that similar pieces have achieved in the retail market. Often, that is considerably different than an auction price or insurance appraisal.

Most retailers have tight lips when it comes to sharing their prices or business. However, we aim to provide value to our clients by maintaining and updating our past furniture listings. Whether you are in the business of selling antique furniture, or buying antique furniture, Bohemians can help you determine the true market value of antiques

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