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Decor & Accessories

Decor & Accessories are the jewelry of your home. You wouldn’t step out to a formal event without a statement handbag, tie, watch or piece of jewelry. Your home deserves the same level of attention. Gold mirrors, lavish Persian rugs, fine art and even antique china will add sparkle and personality to your home.

Fine Art

You are an adult now so your walls shouldn’t look like a college dorm room. Nor do you want to convey that your wall decor all came from the same mail-order catalog. Fine art will instantly elevate your surroundings. Of course, there is a butterfly effect of living with fine art – you will notice a greater thirst for beauty spill into other areas of your life. Quench your desire for an artful life. Invest in fine art today.

Antique Mirrors

Brighten up a dingy room with antique mirrors. Indeed, with an antique mirror on your wall, any space instantly becomes more sophisticated and glamorous. Decorating with antique mirrors can be magic to your home. Instantly, the light and life that bounce off its surface can transform your mood, and the mood of your guests.

Persian Rugs

If your floors could talk they would request Persian rugs. Persian rugs have decorated palaces, historic mansions and fine homes for centuries. In the rug world, Persian rugs take top billing as the most artistic and finest quality rugs in the world. Add a handmade Persian runner to your kitchen or hallway for a stylish and sophisticated look. Add a room size rug in your dining room or living room and you will blush with the flood of compliments. There simply is nothing more transformational to a room as a Persian rug.

Antique Crystal

When you serve your special guests and family, it should be your mission to make them feel special. Don’t hand them a drink in a chintzy or poor quality glass! Crystal stemware, antique crystal and Bohemian crystal will not only dazzle your guests with its beauty. It will make for a memorable and pleasurable experience. Antique crystal glassware communicates taste and sophistication to your guests.