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Fine Art

Fine Art can amuse, entertain, inform and question. Of course, fine art can simply beautify your home or make you feel good. Discover fine paintings and sculptures that have incredible stories behind them. Hopefully, you will be inspired by the works of art in our collection.

Antique paintings have history and soul. Antique portraits might remind you of people you know, or simply be incredible works you feel a connection to. Undoubtedly, antique portraits can create an incredible focal point on your wall.

Antique landscapes often show pastoral scenes. They might show rolling hills or the countryside. Alternatively, seascapes and paintings of ships often give a sense of romance and adventure to your walls.

Finally, contemporary paintings appear from time to time in our collection. Contemporary paintings pair beautifully with antiques. Sometimes, it is just the juxtaposition you need to create an interesting vignette. Abstract paintings break up the traditional lines of antique furniture and add a bit of chaos to the mix. Indeed, it also helps your home from feeling too much like a time vortex.

Art For Sale

Bohemian’s offers fine art paintings and sculptures that likely will appreciate in value as well. The antique oil paintings and vintage artworks offered here are original and signed pieces in nearly all cases. When an artwork has a provenance or listed artist, often this work will have a higher demand. The value of our art for sale lies in the these facts.

However, as we always say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Choose a piece of fine art because you love it, and you cannot go wrong. Find a piece of original artwork that you appreciate, cherish and can truly honor somewhere in your home. Afterall, fine art is like an old friend you live with.

If you have questions regarding our fine art, please feel free to contact us.