Vintage Original Oil Painting signed “Xue Jian Xin”


Item: Oil on Canvas by Celebrated contemporary artist, Xue Jian Xin.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980. Excellent condition. A few light scratches to the frame.

Size: 23.5″ wide x 19.5″ tall (framed dimensions)

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Vinatge Original Oil Painting

This is an outstanding original oil painting on canvas by well known Chinese-American contemporary artist, Xue Jian Xin. (Pronounced “Shwey Je-an Chin”) In this work of art, we see a beautiful use of color, shade and perspective. This oil painting is often called “Outdoor Banquet Scene.”

Oil Painting

This beautiful and modestly sized work of art by Xue Jian Xin sings with sumptuous color and heavy brushstrokes of texture. Xue Jian Xin, a studied and accomplished living artist, has taken an ordinary and simple scene and infused it with incredible vivacity. A simple grouping of tables and chairs on a red rug, underneath a group of trees, comes to life with hot and powerful sunlight and deep cool shade. A seemingly ordinary scene, probably a moment before or just after a wedding or event, becomes an intense study of light, color and geometry.

Artist Life

Xue Jian Xin was born in 1954 in NanJing in Mainland China. Then, Xue Jian Xin immigrated to the United States in the 1980’s in order to further pursue his passion for the visual arts. While very well educated in his home country (there, he studied fine art at the Suzhou College and then, the NanJing College of Arts) he pursued further accreditation at Bard College in New York State. The artist earned his Masters in Fine Art in 1991 with the Milton Avery Graduate School. While currently settled in the US, Xue Jian Xin is truly an international artist. Over the years, he has showed his work in Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Melbourne, Australia; and New York, New York. Bohemians is very proud to house some of his beautiful original works in our collection in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

Analysis of the Oil Painting

This work, unlike his famous canal scenes, is more enigmatic. The oil painting reflects a more intimate side of Xue Jian Xin’s oeuvre. Interior scenes are a subject the artist has tackled often. Furniture, space and sunlight as it comes in through filtered windows and balconies are often the subjects of Xue Jian Xin’s artwork. Indeed, this subject can be seen in his work “New Hampshire,” as well.

While it is fun to conjecture about a greater symbolism, there seems a desire for the artist to simply paint– a true expression of art for art’s sake. The significance of the moment captured in “Outdoor Banquet Scene” is secondary, it seems, to the vibrancy of the sun. It has been rendered with deep colors and thick brushstrokes. The hot white sunlight on the tables swathed in heavy fabric is truly glowing. The red of the rug is so saturated it seems to be burning! Of course, the deep shadows of the chairs and background trees provide muted relief from the intense light. The painting is a study of intense light and shadow. The oil painting provides Xue Jian Xin space to demonstrate his incredible technical skill and love of color.

The painting, though small, packs a fiery punch. It is fresh, modern and alive, and in its study in high contrast color and light, reminds me of the work of the famous Post-impressionist Edouard Manet, particularly his still-lifes. In Manet’s work as well as Xue Jian Xin’s, the joy of saturated color and intense light becomes an exciting subject matter all on its own. Our furniture and art gallery is open by appointment. We invite you to enjoy this fine artwork in person. Of course, we can also ship this work to you.