Xue Jian Xin Original Paintings – Why Bohemian’s Decided to Invest

Xue Jian Xin

Xue Jian Xin Xue Jian Xin original paintings! Why Bohemian’s Decided to Invest While as fine furniture and antique dealers, Bohemian’s thinks about vintage beauty and antique style all day long, and as a couple, we talk about antique design, history, and craftsmanship everyday. First of all, Xue Jian Xin original paintings make us both light up. When we get to be around these extraordinary paintings by this incredible artist we both feel joy. I love to show Greg pictures of classic elegant homes staged with antiques and fine furniture (the best ones are from our own clients), and point out the intricacy of antiques in our beloved reference books. Greg loves to show me what he brings home, and our old box truck becomes a source of magic, filled with stunning pieces of furniture, mirrors, china, rugs and sometimes original paintings!

Xue Jian Xin Paintings

But it was simply a different day when he carefully extracted the first contemporary piece of art from the “grandma’s attic” (the top ledge on the interior of the boxtruck), swaddled in a blue packing blanket. He had on his typical bohemian auction clothes– baggy coat, sweatpants, loose knitted hat, but in his eyes was a spark I didn’t see that often. He unwrapped the painting, Xue Jian Xin’s “New Hampshire” and gleamed.

Original Oil Paintings

The original painting is unmistakably contemporary; this is not a 19th century pastoral scene or a traditional oil painting portrait. It is an interior scene of an odd room with a very tall perspective. Centered in the background is a balcony with french doors and to the left are two plush armchairs lined along a wall. To the right is a braided floor rug.

Yet despite the contemporary subject matter, it is evident that the painting is rooted in the past. The technique is not 20th or 21st century, but strikingly 19th century. Xue Jian Xin’s work is inspired by the Impressionists, the mostly French 19th century artists who transformed taste from the stodgy historicism and hyper realism of the day, to paintings focused on atmospheric descriptions of light, color and spontaneity.

New hampshire Original

In the original oil painting “New Hampshire,” the billowy pillows on the chairs are rendered in a way that emphasizes texture and light, and paint is thickly brushed so that you have to step back to see the illusion. Xue Jian Xin’s emphasis is not on subject matter, but on the atmosphere and beauty of light and shadow, just as the Impressionists sought to do in the 1800s. In referencing the Impressionists with contemporary settings and unique compositions, Xue Jian Xin is linking culture and history with the present. Isn’t that what antique dealers love to do?

Xue Jian Xin Oil Paintings

Fascinating too in Xue Jian Xin’s artwork is his unique background as a Chinese American artist. Of his artistic works, we have two that depict the Suzhuo Canal in China, a place that neither Greg nor I knew of previously. The canal, often called “the Venice of the East” is surrounded by incredible stone buildings and bridges, and the gardens that surround the canals are a UNESCO World Heritage site. Xue Jian Xin’s work introduced a fascinating new world to us, and refreshed in us the thought that the world is an incredible and diverse place.

Xue Jian Xin’s beautiful scenes of the canal are not grand or pretentious, but rather very personal. They transport the viewer to the scene and you can almost feel the shade of the cold stone architecture and hear the gentle ripples of the water. The paintings are beautiful and vivid and instantly understandable, and as contemporary pieces invite feeling rather than intellectualism. In a heavy and difficult world, Xue Jian Xin’s art evokes serenity and a true sensual joy of seeing.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire” led us to more research and eventually to acquiring more incredible works by the artist. We are now able to offer four original artworks by this truly talented contemporary artist. It is an honor to be in the presence of his works and to think that besides the galleries in New York City, Beijing, Tokyo and Melbourne, Australia, we are too able to show and offer Xue Jian Xin’s work in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

Please enjoy this video presentation of artwork by Xue Jian Xin Video Clip

Thank you for inviting us into your home with our essay about original oil paintings!
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Xue Jian Xin

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