Bohemian Style – The Style of the Year?

Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style Bohemian style furniture appears to be garnering lots of attention right now, as trendy magazines, home decor shops and t.v. shows are all touting bohemian tastes. They state it is the ultimate in relaxed elegance. But what exactly is Bohemian style? Where does it work best? How is it achieved without looking forced or contrived?

Bohemian Furniture

As with all major design movements, mainstream saturation can often dilute the original concept to the point of total distortion.

Indeed, when farmhouse chic was at one time en vogue, it meant a pared down rusticity and attention to more natural finishes. Now that the style has reached market saturation, low end imported “farm” style baskets, reproduction signs and decor has since diluted the essence of the original concept. The beauty of aged or weathered pieces has now been replicated with factory finishes and plastic replicas, made far from the farm and in the factories of China, Nepal and India.

Bohemians Styles

With Bohemian style, we see many of the same signs: knock-off machine made oriental rugs, a melange of poor quality Mid-Century style furniture, and an overuse of certain “ethnic” style prints infiltrating the markets. But the essence of Bohemian style is rather different.

There is not a simple formula for Bohemianism that one can follow, because Bohemianism in itself is about more varied concepts and feelings: travel, art, joy, collecting and color. An appreciation for history always helps too. 🙂

Essentially, Bohemianism is an affirmation of life and its unending variety.

In a bohemian home, historical pieces can live harmoniously with the modern, Persian Rugs can be laid under French Furniture, and antique oil paintings can be hung next to gilded mirrors and wall tapestries.

The happy result: a room with great texture, good use of scale, and lively color. Individuality is celebrated in a Bohemian room, and joy becomes more important than any ossified decorating rules.

Simply put, bohemian decorating means following your bliss!

In conclusion, there is an art to living just as there is an art to decorating. As a result, neither has to be difficult, strenuous or uncomfortable. Maybe we can approach Bohemian style with a love of beauty, craftsmanship and stories. After many years of buying and selling, we have found Bohemian style a diverse and exciting world to be in. Share your thoughts in the comments about your views on shabby chic furniture.

Our clients have taught us more about bohemian style than any magazine could. They have shown us their love of certain design periods, styles of antiques, patterns in rugs, and quality in wood grain. They have told us their stories about building their homes, or infusing them with their own styles and ideas. We love to be a part of their special projects and see their excitement of making their house look and feel like home.

Here are a just a few of their photos they have shared with us!

Bohemian Furniture
Bohemian furniture styles can vary but always have an artistic flair. Bohemians online offers a wide selection of Bohemian styled furniture, and the collection is continuously changing and growing.

Learn more about Bohemian style viewing our Video Channel, thank you in advance.

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