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Antique Bookcases – Antique Bookcase – Decorating with Bookcases

antique bookcases

Antique Bookcases

Antique bookcases and bookshelves fulfill a book lovers romantic soul. Certainly, a collection of old volumes deserves a handsome display case and only an antique bookcases can do the trick. Of course, antique bookcases range in style and size. So where do you begin in your search for the perfect antique bookcases for your home?

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Antique China Cabinets – Antique Cabinets – Antique Hutches

antique china cabinets

Antique China Cabinets

Antique china cabinets can really wake up a room and transform it. Of course, antique china cabinets can come in many different sizes and styles. The way you style the inside, as well as the way you decide to use your cabinet can be the first step in determining what style of antique cabinet is right for you. From grand, carved masterpieces to more humble farmhouse style antique hutches, antique cabinets can really define your room and take it in a strong design direction.
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Antique Side Tables – Antique End tables

antique side table

Antique Side Tables

Antique side tables present a great opportunity in your antiquing journey. For one, antique side tables are easy to handle and most will fit in the back of any car. Secondly, they can add tons of charm to any room, and make a statement that isn’t too overbearing. Thirdly, they are useful! Antique side tables can sit beside a chair, in a hallway or by the bed. Antique side tables can be used in nearly every single room of your house!

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Entryway Furniture : The Top 7 Ways to Decorate a Foyer

entryway furniture

Entryway Furniture

Entryway furniture can often be a challenge. Indeed, one common obstacle has to do with space and depth. Often, entryway furniture must conform to small narrow spaces, stairways, windows or doorways. However, despite often being small, most people want to communicate a lot with their entryway furniture. After all, the foyer welcomes people into your home and can present your guests with a feeling of hospitality!

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Antique Beds – Antique Bed History

antique beds

Antique Beds

Antique beds offer something that modern beds seem to miss. Antique beds give us romance and beauty in the bedroom! Certainly, beds from different periods offer different styles, shapes and sizes. Of course, these features can change the mood and look of the room completely. As the focal point of our bedrooms, and really our lives, antique beds can offer an escape from our dull and hectic waking life.

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Recent Bohemian Antique Furniture Acquisitions

Bohemian's is known regionally for highest quality vintage furniture styles and antique furniture. Listed here are the newest items listed for sale on our online antique store. Our staff is available anytime at 717.375.8166

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Antique Furniture

Welcome to Bohemian’s! As an online antique furniture store and style blog, we love artistic interior design. In fact, we love to delve into the ins and outs of Bohemian style for the home featuring vintage furniture.

Boho Chic and Boho Style

To us, boho chic means creating a home with meaning and beauty. It means following your heart rather than the decorating rules. It means choosing quality, handcrafted historic goods rather than factory knock-offs.

It’s about Style, Quality and History. We like to call our approach to bohemian vintage style, “the art of living.”

Curated Collection of Antique Furniture for Sale

Additionally, we curate our own collection of vintage furniture and antiques for sale. We hand select and often refinish our heirloom furniture. Over the years, our Boho style has evolved to include antique furniture and decor, Persian rugs, antique clocks and fine art for the home.
Antique Furniture
Please enjoy our site, and as always, thank you for inviting us into your Bohemian home!