Antique Recliner, Oak Claw Foot Reclining Chair, Morris Style Chair


Item: Antique Oak Reclining Chair.

Age & Condition; Circa 1900. Good condition, functions well.

Dimensions:31″ wide x 34″ deep x 38″ tall. Seat height is 17″ tall.

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Unique and interesting antique recliner chair in solid oak. This oak claw foot reclining chair has a beautiful frame and can easily be customized for your home.

Antique Recliner

This unique antique recliner most likely dates to circa 1900. It has a solid oak frame, and some great features. The chair features a nice wide arm and with a bit of a paw. It also has a paw foot, common in late 1800s furniture.

Additionally, a plywood base was added. In the back of the chair, you will find the cast iron mechanism that allows the chair to recline. Of course, it can be operated with the metal pull on the side of the chair.

Two cushions make this chair very comfortable. Certainly, you could have a seamstress recover the two cushions for a custom look to the recliner if you do not care for the plaid fabric.

Overall the chair is in great condition and functions well.

Morris Style Chair

Although unmarked, this antique recliner is quite similar to original Morris chairs from the late 1800s.