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Welcome to Bohemian’s! A home furnishings, antique and style blog, we love artistic interior design. In fact, we love to delve into the ins and outs of Bohemian style for the home featuring of-course, stylish furniture.

First let’s define antiques with a quick definition. In our experienced opinion, a true antique, is anything collectible that appears to be more than 100 years old. TIP: As a rule of thumb, dirt on the ground is quite old but none of us would consider it an antique unless it was hallowed ground.

Second we should consider things antiques if they are old, collectible, eye pleasing, historical, or have a significant meaning to an individual or a group. After-all, in combination, the more rare or wanted an item is the more valuable it will become to someone. So the beauty, style, quality, rarity, history all come into play for placing a value on an antique in our collection.

Lastly, you may ask where can i find these old relics near me? At Bohemian’s the answer is online, for sale and at the best price. Our informative articles and full descriptions are available anytime. Find complete descriptions, values, historical pricing, photos, videos, in every one of our blog posts and category pages.

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Anyone can visit our online store anytime. Start expressing yourself and create your own bohemian home. Find traditional styles or express your own vintage tastes. Bohemianism means following your heart rather than the standard decorating rules. It means choosing quality, handcrafted historic goods rather than factory knock-offs. Antiques to remember and vintage decor to love.

In our own life it’s about Style, Quality and History. We love to call our online antique store approach to bohemian vintage style, “the art of living!”

Curated Collection of Internet Antiques

Additionally, we curate our own collection of vintage furniture and antique furniture for sale. We hand select and often refinish our high-end and heirloom furniture. Over the years, our Bohemian style has evolved to include a wonderful collection of valuable antiques and decor, Persian rugs, antique clocks and fine art for the home. Browse our photos of vintage antiques, furniture and accessories. Find old furniture for sale online at great values with all prices and information listed. Bohemian Style: “The Art of Living” through Quality, Style, & History. Enjoy our blog and on-line store. Please enjoy our website, we are so glad you chose to visit.