Persian Rugs

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Persian rugs

Imagine a way to completely transform your home without remodeling, painting or doing virtually any heavy lifting. There is a way! Persian rugs can instantly elevate and beautify any room in your home. Indeed, there are few other ways to introduce color, pattern and texture in such a large way as a Persian rug!

Oriental rugs have been coveted for centuries, and Persian carpets often figure among the most valuable rugs in the world. The incredibly detailed patterns, vibrant colors and strong natural wool fibers make them an excellent investment for your floors. We typically carry Kashan Persian rugs, Tabriz Persian rugs and Mashad Persian rugs on our online store.

Indeed, they last for years as well, as Persian rugs are virtually indestructible by kids and pets. Regular vacuuming does the most to keep your Persian rug in great shape for years to come.

Persian runners excite many of our clients as well. Persian runners can decorate your hallways, kitchen or foyer. The stunning colors and patterns of Persian runners perk up any room. Your friends and family will be envious of your new sophisticated artistic rug. Of course, Persian carpets are one of a kind, so your style will be all your own. It’s a great starting point in decorating a room, because you can pull accent colors out from the rug for other fabrics, wall art and paint colors.

Persian Rugs For Sale

Our great prices on vintage rugs for sale are going to excite you as well! While other rug shops often charge well into the three to five thousand dollar range for a room size rug, most of our incredible rugs fall short of half that price!

If you live far away from our warehouse, do not get discouraged. We can ship these Persian rugs for sale to you with your purchase. While the package may have some weight, Persian rugs can be folded and rolled into a fairly small package. So, please contact us if you would like us to ship a fine rug to you! Reach us by phone or email at any time. Of course, we would be happy to help you.