Vintage Persian Rug, Blue Persian Room Size Rug


Item: Vintage Persian Room Size Rug.

Age & Condition: Some areas of wear to the pile within the field. A bit of wear along the edges. Semi- Antique. Probably 50-60 years old.

Dimensions: 11.5 ft x 14.5 ft.

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Vintage Persian Rug

Beautiful vintage Persian Rug with stunning colors. This vintage Persian Rug has such a unique color palette and beautiful design.

Of course, the vintage Persian Rug features a central medallion, with six smaller medallions scattered throughout the design. Additionally, it has a nice all over pattern. Certainly, the rug has great visual movement.

Also, the rug has a pretty rose colored border.

Blue Persian Room Size Rug

Of course, this elegant blue Persian room size rug could work in a living room, dining room or bedroom. It has a rich color palette and striking design.

Of course, the vintage rug does have a few signs of age and use. For one, it has some light areas of wear to the pile in the field. Additionally, it has a little bit of wear along each edge. Please see photos.

Despite these small flaws, the rug shows great quality.