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Outdoor & Garden

Spruce up your curb appeal with outdoor & garden furniture. Of course, whether you have a green thumb or not, outdoor and garden accessories can add beauty to your front yard.

Likewise, your private patios and porches can benefit from some simple decorating. You will enjoy your screened-in porches and brick patios more with outdoor fountains, spectacular antique garden urns and comfortable patio furniture. Of course, high quality heavy duty antique garden furniture is your best bet for incredibly durability outside. Even vintage patio furniture often has high quality materials, like cast iron and heavier grade aluminum.

Garden urns

Our collection of cast iron garden urns offer timeless beauty. Of course, cast iron garden urns have been around since the Victorian era. So these beautiful garden decorations will look classic in almost any home. Easily and instantly update a sad, unassuming garden plot with antique garden urns! Antique garden urns are like the molding in a room. It really adds a touch of sophistication.

These heavy garden urns resist blowing over or tipping in strong winds. They also hardly ever break or dent. They add the perfect carefree structures to your outdoor rooms.

Additionally, you could place these stunning garden urns inside for a unique and romantic look! This also lets you enjoy your plants and antique garden decor all year long. Cold climate dwellers deserve a taste of spring from time to time! Afterall, a few indoor plants can boost your mood. Some people even say it can freshen your indoor air quality!

Garden Accessories for Sale

Bohemians frequently stocks garden accessories for sale. Of course, we feel any space can benefit from some thoughtful decorating. Indeed, your property will look more inviting and pulled together with quality outdoor and garden accessories. Antique garden decor adds a spectacular improvement.