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Antique Church Pews : What You Need to Know

Antique Walnut and Ash Church Pew - 5 ft 2"

Antique Church Pews

In the early summer of 2020, the world was shut down. Of course, auctions and estate sales were closed. So, Bohemians too came to a standstill without any antique furniture to buy.

However, as most antique dealers who are addicted to hunting, collecting and buying, we could not sit idly by. Continue reading Antique Church Pews : What You Need to Know

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Antique of The Week: Antique Cupboard

antique french cupboard

Antique Cupboard

This antique cupboard was made in Europe (probably France) in circa 1915. It has great carved sunflower motifs in the doors and a charming over-sized crown. Two columns flank the sides. Beveled Glass inserts have replaced what once was broken leaded glass in the doors of this antique cupboard.

The style has a boldness to it. For that reason, this antique cupboard perfectly combines a fresh and modern look with the vintage feeling of a true antique. It truly has a Bohemian Vibe!
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Antique Dresser – Victorian Furniture

Antique Dresser

Antique Dresser Bohemian’s antique furniture has found a beautiful antique dresser from the Victorian era to offer for sale. Indeed, Victorian furniture in this condition and style is rare to find. Our antique store was proud to offer this step down marble top antique dresser for sale at such a value. In fact, the antique dresser has sold and is no longer available for sale.

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