Sligh Furniture Company

Sligh Furniture Company

Sligh Furniture Company, a renowned luxury furniture brand, is known for its high-quality, American-made furniture featuring elegant designs and exceptional craftsmanship. With a strong focus on attention to detail, Sligh creates durable and timeless furniture pieces that elevate any space. As a trusted furniture manufacturer, Sligh offers customizable options to ensure every piece reflects the unique style and preferences of each customer.

Key Takeaways

  • Sligh Furniture Company is a luxury furniture brand recognized for its high-quality, American-made craftsmanship.
  • The company is known for creating elegant and durable furniture pieces that stand the test of time.
  • With meticulous attention to detail, Sligh focuses on creating customizable options to cater to individual preferences.
  • Sligh Furniture Company is a trusted manufacturer in the industry, offering timeless and stylish furniture designs.
  • Customers can rely on Sligh Furniture Company for their luxury furniture needs, seeking both quality and customization.

Company History

Sligh Furniture Company, founded in 1880 by Charles R. Sligh, has a rich history in the furniture manufacturing industry. Prior to starting his own company, Sligh worked as a finisher and traveling salesman for Berkey & Gay, gaining valuable experience in the industry.

In 1883, Sligh established the Honduras Mahogany Co., a subsidiary of Sligh Furniture Co. This venture allowed the company to purchase mahogany timber directly from Honduras and ship it to their Grand Rapids facility for furniture production. This strategic move ensured a steady supply of high-quality materials for their manufacturing process.

Throughout the years, Sligh Furniture Co. showed its versatility by diversifying its manufacturing interests. In addition to furniture, the company even ventured into bicycle manufacturing, capitalizing on the popularity of bicycles in the early 20th century. This expansion demonstrated the company’s adaptability and willingness to explore new opportunities.

“Sligh Furniture Co. was built on the foundation of innovation and adaptability. From its early days of mahogany timber imports to branching out into bicycle manufacturing, the company embodied a spirit of exploration and growth.”

However, despite its resilience, Sligh Furniture Co. faced financial difficulties in 1932, which led to the liquidation of its assets and the eventual closure of the company. Although its operations came to an end, Sligh Furniture Co. left behind a legacy of quality craftsmanship and a rich history in the furniture industry.


Charles R. Sligh, the founder of Sligh Furniture Company, played a pivotal role in establishing the company as a prominent figure in the furniture industry. From its inception in 1880 until his passing in 1927, Sligh served as the dedicated president, overseeing the company’s growth and success.

Following Charles R. Sligh’s death, his son-in-law Norman McClave assumed the role of president, continuing the legacy of craftsmanship and innovation instilled by Sligh. Meanwhile, Charles R. Sligh Jr. served as the treasurer, ensuring the financial stability of the company.

O.W. Lowry, another key figure within Sligh Furniture Company, contributed significantly during the challenging economic period of the late 1920s. Lowry’s expertise in production efficiency and cost-cutting measures helped the company navigate through the turbulent times and emerge stronger.

Rene Guenaux, a French designer, joined Sligh Furniture Company in 1912. Guenaux brought his creative talents and unique perspective to the company, infusing the company’s designs with distinctive elements that set them apart from the competition.


Sligh Furniture Co. offered a diverse range of products, including walnut bureaus, bedroom suites, and case goods. The company initially gained recognition for its inexpensive walnut bureaus with mirrors, providing practical storage options for bedrooms. In 1882, Sligh introduced matched bedroom suites, which included coordinated pieces such as beds, wardrobes, dressers, and chiffoniers.

To meet various customer preferences, Sligh also manufactured bedroom occasional pieces using different wood types, including maple, curly birch, mahogany, and oak. These case goods complemented the bedroom suites and included wardrobe cabinets, chests of drawers, and wardrobes. One of Sligh’s notable offerings was the bedroom suite made from Circassian walnut, which grew in popularity and became one of their top-selling products by 1908.

While Sligh Furniture Co. was not primarily associated with the Arts and Crafts furniture movement, the company did produce an Arts and Crafts-inspired bedroom suite in 1907. This suite showcased the company’s versatility and ability to incorporate different design influences into their pieces.

During World War I, Sligh Furniture Co. contributed to the war effort by utilizing its expertise in woodworking to produce walnut gun stocks for the military. This production initiative showcased the company’s adaptability and support for the country during wartime.

Other Sources

A collection of Sligh family papers can be found in the Michigan Historical Collections of the University of Michigan. These papers provide an extensive insight into the history of the Sligh family and their contributions to the furniture industry.

Two notable publications related to Sligh Furniture Co. are “A Furniture Family: The Slighs of Michigan” written by Francis Blouin and Thomas E. Powers, and “100 Years: A Great Beginning. Sligh Furniture Co. 1880 – 1980” published by the Sligh Furniture Co. in 1979. These works offer detailed accounts and illustrated histories of the company.

Michigan Historical Collections – Sligh Family Papers

Publication Description
“A Furniture Family: The Slighs of Michigan” An in-depth exploration of the Sligh family’s role in the furniture industry, offering valuable insights into their heritage and impact.
“100 Years: A Great Beginning. Sligh Furniture Co. 1880 – 1980” A comprehensive illustrated history of Sligh Furniture Co., chronicling its evolution from its founding in 1880 to its centennial year in 1980.

Marks and Labels

Sligh Furniture Co. has left its mark on the furniture industry with its distinctive trademarks and labels. Throughout its history, the company has utilized various designs to represent its brand.

Early Trademarks

In the early 1900s, Sligh Furniture Co. presented its trademark featuring the bold capital letters “SLIGH” in a vertical serif block font. The company name was enclosed within a rectangular outline, often accompanied by the location identifier “GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN.” This straightforward yet elegant design reflected the company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Evolving Logos

As the years went by, Sligh Furniture Co. introduced modifications to its logo, incorporating additional design elements. In some iterations, the logo showcased the face of a Dutch woman or a Dutch boy, paying homage to the company’s Dutch roots and cultural heritage. These changes added a touch of personality to the brand, capturing the attention of customers and distinguishing Sligh Furniture Co. from its competitors.

Sligh Clocks Division

When Sligh Clocks became a division of Sligh Furniture Co., the company introduced a companion logo that combined the Sligh and Trend Clock Co. names. This visual representation highlighted the integration of clocks into the company’s product offerings, showcasing the expertise and craftsmanship that went into creating these timepieces.

Sligh Furniture Co.’s trademarks and labels have not only served as identifiers but also showcased the company’s dedication to quality and innovation. These visual representations have played a significant role in establishing Sligh Furniture Co. as a trusted and recognizable brand in the furniture industry.

Year Trademark
Early 1900s
Later Years
Featuring the face of a Dutch woman or Dutch boy
Sligh Clocks Division

Charles R. Sligh Co./Sligh Furniture Co.

Following the closure of Sligh Furniture Co. in 1932, a new company called Charles R. Sligh Co. was established in 1933 using the assets acquired from the former company. In 1940, the company purchased an additional factory in Zeeland, Michigan, and changed its name to Sligh – Lowry Furniture Co.

This acquisition led to the operation of Grand Rapids Chair Co. by Sligh – Lowry from 1945 to 1962. In 1968, the company’s name was changed back to Sligh Furniture Co., and it also acquired Trend Clock Co.

Timeline of Charles R. Sligh Co./Sligh Furniture Co.

Year Event
1933 Establishment of Charles R. Sligh Co. using acquired assets from Sligh Furniture Co.
1940 Purchase of an additional factory and rename to Sligh – Lowry Furniture Co.
1945-1962 Operation of Grand Rapids Chair Co. by Sligh – Lowry
1968 Name changed back to Sligh Furniture Co. and acquisition of Trend Clock Co.

The timeline above highlights the key events in the history of Charles R. Sligh Co./Sligh Furniture Co., including the establishment of the company, expansion through the purchase of additional assets and factories, and acquisitions of other furniture and clock companies.


In the 1980s, Sligh Furniture Co. underwent a significant expansion in its business furniture line, introducing the highly acclaimed Sligh Corridor group. This collection revolutionized the industry by combining classic 18th-century form with 21st-century function. The Sligh Corridor group received the first-place gold award at NEOCON, the annual business office furniture market, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the field.

The Sligh Corridor group features a range of innovative pieces, including executive desks, credenzas, and bookcases, carefully crafted to meet the evolving needs of today’s professionals. With its timeless design and exceptional functionality, the Sligh Corridor group offers a luxurious and efficient workspace for modern business environments.

Building on the success of the Sligh Corridor group, Sligh Furniture Co. expanded its offerings in the 1990s to become a prominent name in high-end home office furniture. Recognizing the growing trend of professionals working from home, Sligh developed a comprehensive range of home office furniture that combined style, comfort, and functionality.

“Sligh Furniture’s commitment to creating home office furniture that seamlessly blends into residential spaces is commendable. Their attention to detail and thoughtful designs make working from home a true pleasure.” – Office Design Magazine

Home Office Furniture Collection

The home office furniture collection from Sligh combines ergonomic design with sophisticated aesthetics, providing a conducive environment for productivity and creativity. From executive desks to functional storage solutions, each piece is meticulously crafted to enhance both comfort and efficiency in a home office setting.

  • Executive desks with built-in power outlets and wire management systems
  • Ergonomic chairs with adjustable features for personalized comfort
  • Thoughtfully designed storage solutions, including filing cabinets and bookcases
  • Modular furniture options to customize the workspace according to individual needs
Furniture Piece Features
Executive Desk Spacious work surface with integrated power outlets and wire management, storage drawers, and built-in file storage
Ergonomic Chair Adjustable seat height, tilt, and armrests for optimal comfort and support during long work hours
Storage Solutions Filing cabinets and bookcases with adjustable shelves and locking mechanisms to keep documents organized and secure
Modular Furniture Flexible units that can be arranged and combined to create a personalized workspace that maximizes efficiency

With its commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, Sligh Furniture Co. has become a trusted choice for both businesses and individuals seeking sophisticated and functional furniture solutions. The company’s expansion and focus on business and home office furniture reflect its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the modern workspace.


Charles R. Sligh Jr. and O.W. Lowry were influential figures in the establishment and growth of the new company. As former executives of Sligh Furniture Co., they brought invaluable expertise and leadership to the company.

Charles R. Sligh Jr., son of the company’s founder, served as the president of both the Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturers Association and the Grand Rapids Furniture Makers Guild. His industry involvement and knowledge contributed to the success and reputation of the company.

O.W. Lowry had a keen understanding of engineering and production efficiency, which greatly benefited the operations of the company. His expertise enabled the company to streamline processes and maximize productivity.

In later years, the third and fourth generations of the Sligh family, Charles R. Sligh III and Robert L. Sligh, respectively, joined the company. Their leadership and dedication to the industry propelled the company to new heights and ensured its continued success.

Through the combined efforts of these remarkable individuals, the company thrived and maintained its commitment to excellence and innovation.


The early products of the new company included the Salem bedroom suite, which was originally produced by the former Sligh Furniture Co. Sligh Furniture Co. also introduced a line of affordable kneehole desks that proved popular during the Depression era.

Over the years, the company expanded its offerings to include larger desks, coffee and occasional tables, and unique pieces like the Aqua Vitae desk, which featured an aquarium and other striking design elements. The company’s product range also included the Nottingham Group, a series of traditional desks, and later the designs of David Warren, including bookcases and credenzas.

The Salem bedroom suite was one of the early products of the new company.

Other Sources

In addition to the extensive research materials available on the history of Sligh Furniture Company, there are other notable sources that provide valuable insights into the company’s legacy. One such resource is the collection of Sligh family papers, which can be found in the Michigan Historical Collections of the University of Michigan. These papers offer a unique perspective on the Sligh family’s involvement in the furniture industry and shed light on the company’s development over the years.

For those interested in delving deeper into the history of Sligh Furniture Company, two publications provide comprehensive accounts and illustrated histories. The bulletin titled “A Furniture Family: The Slighs of Michigan,” authored by Francis Blouin and Thomas E. Powers, offers a detailed exploration of the Slighs’ contributions to the furniture industry. Another valuable resource is the illustrated history book titled “100 Years: A Great Beginning. Sligh Furniture Co. 1880 – 1980,” published by the Sligh Furniture Co. in 1979. This book provides a visual journey through the company’s rich history, showcasing its evolution and achievements over a century.

These additional sources add depth and context to the story of Sligh Furniture Company, allowing readers to gain further appreciation for the company’s legacy and the impact it has had on the furniture industry in America. Whether exploring the Sligh family papers or delving into the detailed accounts presented in the publications, one can uncover a wealth of valuable information about this esteemed furniture manufacturer.


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Marks and Labels

The Charles R. Sligh Co./Sligh Furniture Co. used various trademarks and labels throughout its history, reflecting the company’s name changes and acquisitions. The most prominent feature in these trademarks is the name “SLIGH,” which remained consistent over the years. Here are some examples of the trademarks used by the company:

  1. Sligh Furniture Co.: The early trademarks featured the name “SLIGH” in vertical serif block letters enclosed in a rectangular outline, often accompanied by “GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN.” This logo represented the company during its formative years.
  2. Sligh Furniture Co. with Dutch Design: As the company’s range expanded, the trademark included the face of a Dutch woman or Dutch boy, representing the Dutch influence in furniture design.
  3. Sligh Furniture Co. with Sligh Clocks: When Sligh Clocks became a division of Sligh Furniture Co., a companion logo was designed to incorporate both the Sligh and Trend Clock Co. names. This logo denoted the collaboration between the two divisions within the company.

“The name ‘SLIGH’ has always been an integral part of the company’s identity, symbolizing the commitment to quality and craftsmanship that has defined Sligh Furniture Co. throughout its history.”

Sample Trademarks Used by Sligh Furniture Co.

Trademark Description
The early trademark of Sligh Furniture Co. featured the name “SLIGH” in vertical serif block letters enclosed in a rectangular outline, often accompanied by “GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN.” The logo symbolized the company’s dedication to producing high-quality furniture.
As the company expanded its range, the trademark incorporated the face of a Dutch woman or Dutch boy, reflecting the Dutch influence in Sligh’s furniture designs.

When Sligh Clocks became a division of Sligh Furniture Co., a new trademark was designed, integrating both the Sligh and Trend Clock Co. names. This symbolized the collaboration between the furniture and clocks divisions.

Ply-Curves, Inc.

Ply-Curves, Inc. was founded in 1951 by Charles R. Sligh Jr. and O.W. Lowry. The company specialized in the manufacturing of molded plywood chairs and curved plywood parts for chairs and kidney desks. Ply-Curves, Inc. served as a subsidiary of the Charles R. Sligh Co./Sligh Furniture Co., contributing to the company’s production capabilities and expanding its offerings.

Features Benefits
Expertise in molded plywood Ensures high-quality craftsmanship
Specialization in curved plywood parts Allows for unique and aesthetically pleasing designs
Subsidiary of Charles R. Sligh Co./Sligh Furniture Co. Enhances production capabilities and range of offerings

Trend Clock Co.

Trend Clock Co., established in 1937, is a renowned manufacturer of desk clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, and wooden novelties. With a focus on exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs, the company has gained a reputation for producing exceptional timepieces that blend style and functionality.

Since its acquisition by Sligh Furniture Co. in 1968, Trend Clock Co. has continued to showcase a wide range of clocks designed by the talented David Warren. Each clock is a testament to Warren’s creativity and attention to detail, featuring stunning designs inspired by historical Dutch and English styles, as well as modern aesthetics.

The collection of clocks offered by Trend Clock Co. includes mantel clocks, carriage clocks, grandfather clocks, and regulator clocks, each meticulously crafted to display both the time and artistry. Whether you’re looking for an heirloom piece or a contemporary timekeeping accessory, Trend Clock Co. has a clock that will suit your taste and enhance the beauty of any space.

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Trend Clock Co.’s creations and discover the perfect clock to adorn your home or office.

Clock Type Design Style
Mantel Clocks Historical Dutch and English designs
Carriage Clocks Historical Dutch and English designs, Modern styles
Grandfather Clocks Historical Dutch and English designs
Regulator Clocks Historical Dutch and English designs, Modern styles


Sligh Furniture Company has earned its place as a trusted manufacturer in the luxury furniture market. Known for its American-made craftsmanship, the company has been delivering high-quality pieces with timeless designs and attention to detail since its establishment in the late 19th century. Sligh Furniture Company’s commitment to excellence has made it a go-to choice for those seeking luxurious and elegant furniture.

With a rich history and a dedication to preserving traditional techniques, Sligh Furniture Company produces furniture that stands the test of time. Each piece undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring durability and showcasing the skill and expertise of the talented artisans behind the brand. Whether it’s a classic wooden armoire or a contemporary leather sectional, Sligh Furniture Company’s collection offers a wide range of stunning options to suit every style and taste.

As a trusted manufacturer, the company continually explores innovative designs while maintaining its core values of quality and attention to detail. Sligh Furniture Company understands the importance of customization, allowing customers to create furniture that reflects their individual style and meets their specific needs. From fabric and finish selections to personalized details, each piece is meticulously tailored to ensure customer satisfaction.

For those seeking luxury furniture that combines timeless design with exceptional craftsmanship, Sligh Furniture Company is a name that can be relied upon. As an American-based manufacturer with a long-standing reputation, the company’s commitment to excellence and dedication to providing the finest furniture make it a trusted choice for discerning customers. With Sligh Furniture Company, you can transform your space with furniture that not only exudes elegance and sophistication but also stands the test of time.


Is Sligh Furniture Company a luxury furniture brand?

Yes, Sligh Furniture Company is a luxury furniture brand known for its high-quality and elegant furniture designs.

Does Sligh Furniture Company manufacture American-made furniture?

Yes, Sligh Furniture Company specializes in creating high-quality, American-made furniture.

How would you describe Sligh Furniture Company’s craftsmanship?

Sligh Furniture Company is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Are Sligh Furniture Company’s pieces durable?

Yes, Sligh Furniture Company offers durable furniture that is designed to stand the test of time.

Can I expect timeless furniture pieces from Sligh Furniture Company?

Absolutely, Sligh Furniture Company creates timeless furniture pieces that never go out of style.

Is Sligh Furniture Company a trusted furniture manufacturer?

Yes, Sligh Furniture Company has built a reputation as a trusted furniture manufacturer over its long history.

Does Sligh Furniture Company offer customizable furniture options?

Yes, Sligh Furniture Company offers a wide range of customizable options to ensure each piece of furniture is tailored to customer preferences.

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