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Why Bohemians decided to Invest in Fine Art By Xue Jian Xin

As fine furniture and antique dealers, we think about beauty and style all day long, and as a couple, we talk about design, history, and craftsmanship everyday. We both light up when we get to be around extraordinary objects and incredible carved pieces, made by hand. I love to show Greg pictures of classic elegant homes staged with antiques and fine furniture (the best ones are from our own clients), and point out the intricacy of antiques in our beloved reference books. Greg loves to show me what he brings home, and our old box truck becomes a source of magic, filled with stunning pieces of furniture, mirrors, china, rugs and sometimes paintings. Continue reading Why Bohemians decided to Invest in Fine Art By Xue Jian Xin

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Bohemians Furniture Store 2 Minute Walk Thru April 21, 2016

Enjoy a walk thru our furniture store on April 21 2016, Bohemians fine estate furniture store, the best of pre-owned fine furniture brands.

11068 Buchanan Trail East
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Layaway and Delivery Available (Yes D.C. Yes N.Y.C and Yes at times Atlanta to Charlesteon South Carolina , maybe even Miami lol)
always open online, store open 12 noon till 9pm Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday