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Vintage Persian Rug, Hand-Knotted Room Size Rug

Item: Vintage Persian Room Size Rug, Oriental Rug (made by hand).

Age & Condition: About 40 years old. Cleaned. Very good vintage condition with a thick pile and good fringe.

Dimensions: 10 ft by 13 ft 3.


Vintage Persian Rug

Beautiful Vintage Persian Rug with incredible colors and design. This lovely hand-knotted room size rug features 100 percent real wool and comes from Persia (Iran).

Of course, this room size rug has an incredible look. It features a beautiful magenta/red field. Also, it has a muted dusty purple color around the border. Finally, it has a nice bright blue color on the border as well.

Hand-Knotted Room Size Rug

A hand-knotted room size rug such as this one has aesthetic value. Of course, it also has incredible value as a piece of art. Persian rugs are known as magnificent works of handcraft. Additionally, their high quality wool makes them last decades and sometimes hundreds of years.

This vintage Hand-knotted room size rug has been professionally cleaned. The pile remains thick and fluffy. Also, the fringe is in good shape.

If you love bold colors, and missed out on some of our recent Persian rugs, consider this beautiful piece for your home.