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What Happened to Statton Furniture? Is Statton Still in Business? The Answers

statton cherry furniture

About Statton Furniture

For years, Statton Furniture was a staple in Fine Furniture stores across the country.

Their elegant, Made in America cherry pieces stood for quality and craftsmanship.

Many families choose the Statton name and beautiful cherry traditional furniture to decorate their bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.

Unfortunately, the Statton workshops in Hagerstown, Maryland have closed up for good.

Despite efforts in recent years to rebuild and re-position the brand, Statton furniture no longer manufacturers fine furniture.

Statton Furniture History

Statton Furniture started in 1926 in Hagerstown, Maryland, which is just below the Pennsylvania border. The company (for most of its lifespan), was a family venture, headed most recently by Philip J. Statton.

Philip is quoted for saying, “Since my grandparents founded Statton Furniture in 1926, our family has believed that it takes many man-hours from highly skilled craftsmen to produce true heirloom quality.”

Indeed, while reaching national distribution in the 1960’s, Statton Furniture aimed to keep their workshops simple in operation. In other words, each chair, nightstand, desk or bed was bench built by hand and finished with multiple hand-rubbed coats of stain.

Philo and Helen Statton started their company in the 1920’s with a simple line of bedroom furniture. Nearby woods of Appalachian cherry formed the basis of most of Statton’s furniture, although mahogany did make an appearance in some of the company’s later special collections.

Eventually, the company’s offerings expanded into dining room, office and occasional furniture.

Mostly, Statton Furniture designers reproduced 17th and 18th century designs: Colonial classics like Statton poster beds, chest on chests and Statton Hepplewhite sideboards were staples. Queen Anne legs and bracket feet were common as well.
statton cherry tilt top table

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Statton dabbled with modern furniture styles that deviated from their 18th century designs. For a brief period, stick legs, flat drawer fronts and bookcase headboards made an appearance in Statton Furniture’s offerings.

Statton Mid Century Modern
Rare Mid Century Modern bachelor chests by Statton Furniture.

By the 1980’s and 1990’s, however, Statton returned to their classic roots. Statton became known primarily as a “reproduction” company, focusing on the Statton Trutype Americana and other similar lines.

Statton Furniture’s Decline

In the 1990’s through the early 2000’s, changes in international trade deals brought challenges to many American companies.

As NAFTA and other trade deals opened up manufacturing in other countries, many furniture companies were forced to compete on price in a way they had never done in the past.

In short, imported furniture hit the American markets.

These new offerings did not compare in quality to Statton’s collections, but the new “price points” drove many American’s to purchase foreign-made goods.

Fine, solid wood, handmade furniture became a luxury that many chose to go without. (It may even come as a shock to our younger readers to consider that a Statton bedroom set would have retailed around $14,000 back in the 1990’s.)

Additionally, e commerce put a dent in traditional retail in a new way. Many furniture retailers, often “Mom and Pop” stores, were getting squeezed by shrinking margins and lessening foot traffic.

In 2008, the Statton family faced the dilemma of so many other furniture companies. Sadly, with dropping sales and difficult price raises on raw materials, they decided to close their doors after more than 80 years of business.

Is Statton Furniture Still in Business?

For a time, we constantly heard customers asking, Is Statton Furniture out of Business? And for a few years we seemed to have an uplifting answer.

After the Statton family decided to close their factory doors, a new chapter for Statton began.

From 2008 until roughly 2018, another Hagerstown, MD Company, The Master’s Woodshop, took over the Statton Brand and purchased the rights to manufacture around 70 of the designs of Statton furniture pieces.

The Master’s Woodshop primarily made fine architectural millwork and cabinetry for homes. (Their website is quite impressive by the way!) They decided to hire several of the former Statton woodworkers and finishers (many of whom had been with Statton for decades) to help build some of the Statton pieces.

We even met the new owner, Hunt Hardinge, who aimed to reignite the fine furniture brand! (Our store is just 12 miles from the old Hagerstown location.)

Hunt’s plan seemed solid: he was offering Statton pieces direct to consumer via the Statton website ( In this way, The Master’s Woodshop was able to offer a much reduced price to consumers and loyal followers of the brand.

For several years, The Master’s Woodshop was able to do very well on a small scale offering Statton furniture to their local clients through word-of-mouth and their dot com. Many of our customers went to The Master’s Woodshop to commission nightstands, bookcases and cabinets for their homes.

However, at the time of this article, the Statton website is no longer live. The Master’s Woodshop website does not make mention of their connection to the Statton brand. For all intents and purposes, new Statton Furniture is no longer available on the market today.

Statton Furniture Styles

Colonial names, such as “Virginia Arm Chair” by Statton, “Salem High Chest” and “Hartford Arm Chair,” echoed the company’s patriotism and adherence to classic styles inspired by Colonial American cities.

Certain motifs were common in Statton furniture pieces: inverted shell carvings reminiscent of cabinetmaker, Samuel Goddard carvings, tobacco leaf carvings on bed posts and dining table pedestals, and scroll work aprons on Statton servers were all telltale signs of the Statton name.

However, Statton Trutype Americana lines continue to be the most loved and well known lines by Statton.

The Eagle stamp with the “Trutype Americana” signatures make identifying this particular line by Statton pretty simple. (Sometimes this mark is burned in the wood and sometimes you will see a brass tag with the mark.)
Statton Trutype Americana

Most Statton Trutype pieces feature simple lines, bracket or Queen Anne feet and very clean drawer faces. The Statton Trutype American hutch, for instance, features simple beveled doors and drawers that highlight the simple beauty of wood grain.

This no-frills collection by Statton was a major hit amongst Americans who love fine furniture, but perhaps do not want an overly inlaid or overly carved bedroom or dining room set.

Indeed, Statton Trutype really boils down the elements of great design: simplicity and enduring quality.

The clean simplicity of a Statton Trutype drop leaf table, for instance, is in the simple bevel, thick table profile and nice turned legs.

Befitting of this true American brand, Trutype also featured brass hardware, typically in Chippendale “batwing style.” The Statton Truype lines helped bring simple Colonial elegance to homes all across the country.

Statton Furnituer Hardware

Statton Furniture Finishes

As mentioned earlier, most of Statton’s furniture was crafted of solid Appalachian cherry harvested from the Mid Atlantic region.

Statton Furniture FinishesHowever, this cherry could be finished in several different ways. Statton’s finishes demonstrate their incredible adherence to quality and craftsmanship. The finishing process at Statton is said to have taken hours over the course of days and could include up to 27 layers of hand rubbed finish.

The result: a deep and very handsome look not easily replicated!

The most popular finishes include “Old Towne” Finish, “New Market Finish,” and “Centennial Finish.” We often see the marks of these finishes on the back of the pieces in white stamped lettering.Statton Old Towne Finish

Each color had a richness and attitude all its own. “Old Towne” was one of the darkest finishes, to my knowledge, and made the cherry look almost like a deep mahogany in the right rooms. Certainly, this rich color helped many achieve a dignified look.

Statton Centennial Finish had a warmer look, perhaps better for casual settings or for rooms that lack a lot of natural light. We recently sold a Centennial Finish tilt top that looked beautiful in the new owner’s Colonial style home!

Statton Furniture Catalog

Over the years, we have collected several Statton Furniture catalogs. Not only do these catalogs help us with identifying Statton Furniture, but they show the true professionalism and artistry of Statton’s design team.

The room setups in the photos speak of timelessness. The bedroom sets look so inviting and rich, and besides for a few details, could certainly be used in any fine magazines today!

Statton Furniture Catalog
A Statton Bedroom Collection with Pineapple Poster Bed.

The traditional ideas of balance, scale, and proportion are very well achieved with Statton Catalog photos. It makes one of the company slogans even more appropriate: “Made by hand- and by history.”

Two other Statton collections come to mind: The Statton “Private Collection” and The Statton “Eastern Shore Collection.”

Statton Furniture Private Collection

Statton Furniture Private Collection included special adaptations and reproductions of important antiques and cabinetmakers.
Statton Private Collection

These pieces often had important historical significance to the history of furniture making.

Additionally, fancier forms and techniques found their way into the design… Inlaid designs, carved legs and bedposts often became the focal points of the “Private Collection.” On rare occasions, we see solid mahogany as the component of the “Private Collection.”

Likewise the “Eastern Shore Collection” had historical and regional significance.

The Eastern Shore Collection by Statton focused on early examples of Maryland, Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed regional furniture.

The Eastern Shore Collection aimed to “recreate the style and feeling of rural life.” Windsor chairs, simple moldings and straight legs often decorate Statton’s Eastern Shore Collection.
statton cherry corner cabinet

While simple, this furniture collection, like Trutype, showed incredible quality and sophistication. The result: fine, yet understated pieces perfect for country homes.

Statton Furniture Value

Statton Furniture value can fluctuate like any market. As a high end custom cabinet shop, Statton priced their retail goods in the middle of the high end market in the 1980’s through the early 2000’s.

A bedroom set by Statton, for instance, most likely would have cost less than a similar set by Kittinger, Harden, Baker or Stickley.

A Statton bedroom set might have retailed in furniture stores for between $10,000 and $20,000 during this period.

A Statton Dining room set might have been within $10,000 to $30,000 as well, but could have been higher, depending on the customization, fabric choices and number of pieces.

Indeed, fine furniture requires a high initial investment. However, the promise of heirloom furniture, furniture that can be passed down through generations and kept rather than tossed on the curb, made Statton an excellent choice.

On the used market today, used furniture by Statton, like many fine furniture brands, has dropped significantly. Most used furniture sellers can expect to recoup around 10-20% of the original retail price on used Statton Furniture.

Statton Furniture Prices

For instance, a solid cherry Statton Tilt Top may have retailed for around $1500-$2000. We sold a Statton tilt top table in Centennial Finish for around $200-$300 in 2019.

Likewise, a Statton Corner Cabinet with arched door may have cost the original owner around $4000- $6000 dollars. We sold one in early 2019 in the $800-$1000 range.

On the used market, so much of Statton furniture values are dependent on the condition. Statton collectors are looking for the original finish in “mint” or near mint condition. Often, customers are looking for the original Statton Finishes to match existing pieces in their homes.

Water rings, scratches, mars to the finish can bring down the value of used Statton furniture significantly.

Furthermore, structural problems, like chips, broken drawers, repaired or reglued joints, splits on dresser tops, can make any Statton piece virtually unsalable on the used furniture market.

That said, Statton furniture, because of its solid wood construction, can be repaired and refinished. So, many furniture dealers or auction buyers consider refinishing Statton dressers or Statton dining tables in order to revive a fine piece of furniture for another lifetime of use.

What to Look for in Statton Furniture?

What to look for in Statton Furniture, primarily, is authenticity.

Finding the “Statton mark” can sometimes prove difficult. Many times, the brass tag that identifies Statton has been lost.

However, if you see one of Statton’s signature finishes (“Old Towne”, “Centennial”) marked on the underside of the item, most likely it is a true Statton piece. Statton Centennial Finish

Of course, used Statton furniture is a great choice for any fine home today.

The designs offered by Statton really do stand the test of time, and their quality and construction were top-notch.

When shopping for Statton online, pay attention to small details. Close-ups of any finish or structural damage often tell a story of the item’s past life.

One of the worst enemies of fine vintage furniture is moisture, and with that extreme temperature changes. Badly stored Statton pieces can fall prey to warping, swelling or mildew and mold. So be careful when purchasing items that may have not been kept in a climate controlled environment.

Additionally, another lesser known but still sinister enemy to fine furniture is cheap furniture polish. Some cheap furniture polishes can cause a waxy build-up that is difficult to remove. Often, dirt and grime compound on the surface and cause more damage to Statton finish.

Statton Furniture Company

While sadly not in business anymore, Statton Furniture remains an excellent choice for today. Whether you inherited fine pieces by Statton, or actively seek it today in used furniture stores, Statton is a name you can trust.

We have seen some gorgeous Statton pieces come and go through our shop doors in the past. Most of the time, it becomes the focal point of a room!

The Statton Furniture Company is missed but certainly not forgotten. I can only guess that the value of fine furniture from yesteryear will rise in the coming decade, as more people start to recognize the enduring quality of fine reproduction furniture.

As far as the mass market alternatives available today, Vintage Statton stands way above the rest!

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Does Statton Furniture have a place in your home? Is the price of Statton Furniture rising or falling? What were your memories of the Statton Furniture Company?

Thank you for reading and inviting us into your home!

Written by Rachel LaBoheme. August 2019

Posted on 66 Comments

66 thoughts on “What Happened to Statton Furniture? Is Statton Still in Business? The Answers

  1. Where can i obtain replacement statton hardware?

    I am looking for the B series pulls

    1. Steve your best bet is replacing the entire set with something similar. Your other choice would be to look on Ebay again and again until someone sells a set. a similar looking set of hardware would be about $15 each delivered on amazon. Sorry I do not have a better reply but best of luck. greg

  2. Hi, i recently purchased a small drop leaf table. Interesting to me because all four sides of the rectangle shape have a drop leaf. It also came with a glass top, that matches the top perfectly, diimensions roughly 35 1/4 L x 23 D x18 H. Due to the drop panels and the curvature on the sides, There are different points to measure from, so these are possibly not what someone else would measure. The only marking I can find on this is on the underside in large stencil style white letters that reads, “Old Towne Feb 1974”. Do you think this a station piece? What would its value be? It is pretty dirty and needs to be cleaned. What are the best products to clean and then follow with a polish. My mom used Murphys Oil Soap to clean her wood. Can you comment on that product. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Martha, yes the white lettering was used by Statton furniture and”old Town” was the name of the stain finish. The value of vintage pieces is usually the condition as refininishing is quite expensive these days. I would try a product called “Howards Restore A finish” that is available at Home Depot in the paint department. The stuff works the same as old english but much much better. Then wax the piece of furniture with a good bees wax. As far as the resale value at auction we would expect to pay under $40 in bad condition. At retail in restored condition around $200 – $300, without looking at the pice. Enjoy it!

    2. Thanks for the hint about using Howards. Do you happen to know which of their colors would work with Old Towne?

    3. Hi Martha, old town is dark so i would use the dark walnut. We use dark walnut on almost anything, it really doesnt change the color much but some how makes most scratches and blemishes disappear. Darl walnut is our go to color.

  3. I just got a Hutch and it has the little eagle stamp. I love it for it’s simplicity. Plus is my high, i can reach the top!
    I do love it from the first moment I saw the picture in facebook.
    It has some scratches and other little things but it is in good condition any way.

    1. Sounds like you have a piece of Statton “trutype America” very nice furniture, use some howards restore a finish from home depot or lowes and it may look beautiful.

  4. Thank you for your article on Statton Furniture. My wife and I have a few Statton pieces that we purchased over the years. I am now trying to add to our collection. We recently purchased a piece that needs to be refinished. In the questions section, you mentioned that your prefer to used Mohawk stains. Do you know which of their stains would be closest to the “Old Towne” finish? Thank You!

    1. Hello,
      we like to use “van dyke brown” and tint as needed from that base color lighter or darker. In your case the “old Town Finish” would be darker but before tinting just try a few coats of stain as the piece will most likely get darker with each application.
      Best regards

  5. We own multiple pieces of Statton furniture purchased over 40 years ago . Unfortunately we have a dresser that needs refinishing on the top. Do you have any information on what products they used as the finish that we could try to replicate? Thanks you

    1. Hi Carol! Only Statton knows exactly what type of finish they used. However, we really like Mohawk brand products. We use their stains and lacquers when we refinish old Statton furniture. You could also try Minwax brands. Best of luck with your project! Thank you for writing!

  6. I am considering buying a desk that is being offered for sale, it has a Statton Trutype Americana brass tag inside. It looks very mid century, with 6 drawers, a finished back, and I think brass drawer pulls. I cannot find one piece on the internet that looks even vaguely mid century made by Statton, except for one dresser. Did Statton make MCM style furniture? The desk is lovely but not sure the price is worth it if it’s a fake.

    1. Hi Rebecca, Yes, Statton did make Mid Century Modern Style pieces in the 1950s and 1960s. We have sold a set of large bachelor chests by Statton from that period and they had peg legs and very clean lines. I would venture to guess that the desk you are looking at is authentic. Hope that helps! Best, Rachel

  7. Please contact me about the King Statton Headboard. Also where, located, it is.

  8. I’d like to see a picture of the King headboard mentioned above;
    Cell phone message 302-893-9621.

  9. Hello. I have a Statton Trutype dresser but it is a much lighter, maple color. I don’t know how to tell the type of wood it is but it is lovely. Any way to tell?

    1. Hi Sandra! My guess is that it is cherry, but either a bit faded or done in a light Statton finish like Centennial. Most of Statton’s furniture was cherry wood. But here is a link to another helpful website that might be able to help you further:

    2. Hi Patrick! A small Statton server can sell for anywhere between $300 and $800 on the used market (depending on condition). Hope you have fun with the refinishing job. It is super satisfying. Thanks for writing!

  10. We have an aqua run pear statton corner cabinet JPK 3094 purchased listed in the clockway .com web site .
    Unfortunately the lower door fell off and broke. could you tell us here we might purchase a replacement for this SPECIAL curved door?
    Clockway was no help.

    1. Hi Walter! I was able to look up the item you are referring to on the clockway website. What you have is a curio cabinet by “Stratton” with an “r” not made by “Statton Furniture Company.” My guess is your curio cabinet was imported from China. The Curved glass is going to be very expensive to replace and may unfortunately not be worth it to you. When we have antiques with curved glass doors, we go to a specialty glass shop to make a special order. They will most likely need the frame that the glass was in so that they can get the correct curvature. The last piece we purchased was around $600 and took a few weeks, but to my knowledge, most glass shops do not want to take on these orders, so you may have to call around. I am very sorry about your cabinet. I hope this helps. Best, Rachel

  11. My husband purchased a complete Statton bedroom suit in 1992 and it features a king-size tobacco leaf canopy bed. He passed away recently and I’m tired of climbing up into that high bed. I did it for 27 years, through 2 pregnancies and a broken leg. I would like to at least replace the too-tall canopy bed with a lower sleigh-style bed. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Amanda, as far as sleigh beds, they can be tricky! I would suggest looking for a vintage one by a high end maker like Statton, Harden or Pennsylvania House. Also, I would suggest looking for beds that have bolt through rail systems. They always seem to work the best and continue to hold tightly even after years. Best of luck with your search! Thanks for writing!

  12. Thank you for writing the article and highlighting the quality of Statton Furniture. My father, Francis E. Gift, was the designer for Statton his entire career. I am fortunate to have many pieces he designed in our home. Many childhood memories of spending a Saturday in his factory office as he worked.

    1. Thanks J. So glad you have kept many of the Statton pieces. Their designs were beautiful and your father was very talented. Thanks for reading. Best, Rachel

  13. I just bought a complete Statton dining room set for $1000. It is so elegant that I wanted to know the name of the manufacturer so that I could purchase additional furniture from them. The silverware drawers had cloth covers in them with a Statton Trutype emblem on them. I also found a tag that has a pattern number (2886), a cover number (SS-108-378) and the finish is Centennial Cherry. And it was true, as your article pointed out, “Statton Centennial Finish had a warmer look, perhaps better for casual settings or for rooms that lack a lot of natural light” (which lack of natural light is the case in my dining room). The couple I bought it from said that their parents paid $20,000 for the set. After reading your very informative article, I have come to know the true worth of this dining room set, which was sold to me in near mint condition. Thank you for your article, as well as giving me leads to buy more of this most beautiful furniture!

    1. I hope you enjoy the Statton set for years to come, our shop is just a few miles from the original factory. Thank you for sharing your great find.

  14. I am an owner of Statton Bedroom suit-
    Chest on Chest, Bed,side tables, dresser with mirror. Looking for a buyer. It is in excellent condition in my home. Just looking for a change. Purchased from a lawyers home in 1992. It has served us well.

    1. Hi Renda. You may want to look into selling your Statton bedroom set at a Consignment shop or online. Best of luck and thank you for reading!

  15. Hello,

    I am a long time owner of a complete dining room furniture set…corner cabinet, dining room table and 8 queen anne chairs. We have moved many times against the country due to my husband’s job opportunities. Unfortunately, this last move, the movers lost (1) of the cabinet keys. Does anyone have any insight about replacing the key (we have the upper door key but lost the lower cabinet key). It is about 2-1/2 ” long.
    Can anyone help with some info to replace the key?

    1. Hi Barbara, You can purchase skeleton keys in a set from Ebay as well as from House of Antique Hardware. You may get lucky and be able to find one that works. Typically, though, we go straight to a local lock smith. Bring your other key, or if you are feeling ambitious, take out the lock from the cabinet. They should be able to take a similar key and grind it just a bit so that it functions perfectly for your Statton Cabinet. Best of luck. Glad you kept the set all together. Thank you for writing!

  16. I’m so glad I found this article about Statton furniture. We love our queen pineapple poster bed but I was wondering if the bed was ever made in a king size?

    1. Hi Lori , yes Statton did make them king size, i have not seen one in a while.

    2. Hello Lori,

      I was just investigating where I should sell my Statton furniture and I saw your post. I have a King pineapple headboard only, not the footboard. Is this a piece you would be interested in purchasing?
      Please let me know.
      Thank you.

    3. Hi Bonnie, not sure where you live but if close by your Statton headboard is worth about $250 wholesale if in like new condition and was built to be just a headboard. If it is what’s left of a complete bed it is worth about $50 dollars on the wholesale market if you deliver the piece. Thank you for the offer, an auction house will get the prices mentioned most likely and charge you 30 to 40 percent fee and more. moving and storing and selling furniture is quite expensive.

  17. I have a Statton dining room set (chairs, table, sideboard, server) in “Old Towne”….I’ve been looking for a corner cupboard to go with it. Would Centennial look ok? Could you possibly send a larger photo of the one you have above of the finishes from the catalog; I can’t seem to get a large version of that photo or find an old catalog online. Thanks, Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Sorry we do not have any Statton corner cabinets in stock but these are links to 2 of them we had a while back the photos should enlarge when you hover.

  18. Hi. I have a bedroom set – Statton. Olde Towne Cherry I am looking to rehome. Triple dresser- 2 night stands – lingerie – dressing table. Purchased in early 80’s . Suggestions? All are gently used – nothing broken but hinge on dressing table
    Thank you for any assistance

    1. Hi Rose, we wrote and article that i will link to here Selling Furniture that gives our best tips. The broken hinge will lower any value greatly on the open market, probably better offf not adding the damaged night stand, just leave it out. Hope that helps.

  19. My family had a retail furniture store in Seattle. We sold Statton from the early 70s until we left the business. Taking on the Statton line was a great decision, and it is so sad that most of the fine furniture lines made in the United States are gone. Much of the furniture I have in my home is Statton.

    1. Michael, thank you for the comment! I agree wholeheartedly that Statton is a great company to stand behind. It is sad that most American Furniture Companies are out of business but perhaps with international trade deals changing in the US, we can expect more manufacturers may pop up again in the next ten years or so… Enjoy your Statton pieces! I am sure you have a lovely home.

  20. I am interested in finding out the value of our 1990 Statton Sheraton Extension Dining Table. (Item 2104- Old town finish from the original receipt and catalog, page 6). It was retail listed at $3262 and we paid $2119.

    1. Hi Sam, in near new condition with table pads and no marks we would ask about $685 in our store. Any damage or signs of wear lower the potential used price to $100 to $300. Hope that helps.

  21. Hello! Thank you for the history and information. I stumbled upon this page yesterday while researching Statton furniture. I just purchased a Statton corner cabinet from an estate sale (only $60!), and I’d like to know the age of the piece. It looks to be from the 1930s, but I can’t find anything like it online.

    1. Hi Samantha, Congrats on your new purchase! I would probably have to see a photo to give you the age… If you would like, please feel free to send me a quick picture to my email ( and I will take a peek! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  22. Hello, I read where you have a collection of Statton Furniture catalogs. Would you share any pages that have panel or captains bed frames? I have a client that is wanting a couple and it may help us with the search to have more information to identify the one she wants me to find.
    Thank you so much if you are able to help with this.

    1. Hi Donna, Rachel said she will get a post together with photos from her catalogs soon. We buy the catalogs on ebay from time to time. Happy decorating!

  23. Thank you for the wonderful history about StattonFurniture, a true American icon.

    We have several Statton pieces. My home office is all Statton- bookcases, credenza, desk and chairs. 4-5 years ago, I contacted Hunt and the Masters Woodshop built a matching cabinet from the original collection that I had kept the catalog for. It looks beautiful and the hardware is a very close match to the original. It was such a joy to see that new piece arrive with the smell of hand rubbed cherry wood. It was very distinctive. The small retailer in CT where we purchased most of our pieces sold only Statton and the scent of the furniture in his showroom was so distinctive.

    It is sad to see a successful family business demonstrating such pride in American engineering and manufacturing simply disappear. We are now purchasing mostly Stickley furniture as we insist on buying American. We do sorely miss Statton .

    1. Thank you Ralph for the comment. And also thank you for continuing to purchase American-made furniture. In these times, it is so important!

  24. I actually own a four piece Statton Trutype bedroom set in the Oxford premium finish. I bought it new in the mid 80’s. At the time it cost 10% of my gross annual salary.

    It was well worth it though. Except for a few minor dings that no one can see, it looks new. I much prefer to buy furniture once. The disposable furniture trend was just starting around that time. No thanks.

    Also how bad for the environment is tossing furniture into a landfill every few years?

    1. Absolutely Lisa. Couldn’t agree more! Glad you are still enjoying your piece of Statton bedroom furniture. 🙂

  25. My mother has a Statton breakfront china cabinet she bought from Pala Brothers in Delaware the late 1980’s. All the keys to it have either been lost or broken and I am trying to find replacement keys. I purchased a skeleton key set from Amazon but none of them worked. Do you know where I can go to find replacement keys? Thank you!

    1. Hi Alexa, we typically purchase key blanks and then use a table grinder to custom fit them to cabinets. Your best bet is to take the locks off and go to a local lock smith. They might have more particular blanks and skeleton keys that would fit. At our local lock smith, we pay about 20-30 dollars for each key. Hope that helps! Thanks!

  26. Hello! I bought a beautiful table in my local antique shop in the UK on Saturday. Not only admiring the style, I have strong links to your beautiful country but It wasn’t until I got it home I found a catalogue and original receipt when it was bought back in 1981. Your website has provided me with invaluable knowledge into the background of your furniture and you can be assured it will take pride of place in my home. Thank you!

  27. Very interesting article about Statton furniture. I was researching as I have a round cherry tilt top Statton table but seams to be very unusual as the three legs really are legs with shoe feet. Have you seen this table before.? The bottom is painted with the shoes painted. The cherry top is beautiful. I was thinking about selling it but would like to make sure of it’s authenticity. It does have a sticker on the bottom where the feet meet with the Statton name and Raymond E Moats whom I’m assuming was a designer. If you are interested in seeing pictures, I would be happy to send some if I know phone number or email. Thank you. Susan

    1. Hmm.. Susan that sounds quite unusual! Sure, please send photos to my email and I will take a look! Thanks for reading.

  28. My father Bill Whittington was plant manager from 1966 until 2008 when Statton closed, I myself was part of re starting Stattons in 2009 at The Master’s Woodshop. Myself and my two brothers Bill Jr. and Mike also worked for Statton’s. I was a cabinetmaker back in the 80’s and from 1998 until 2004 I was Statton’s Designer.

    1. Hi Tim! Great to meet you, virtually. And thank you for reading. Your family’s business is sorely missed! Many people love Statton Furniture’s quality and design.

  29. I have several pieces of Statton Furniture that we inherited. Is this something that you would be interested in purchasing. We have two corner cabinets just like the one you have pictured on your website.

    1. Hello, send photos to our email address and include your address please, and your wholesale price.

  30. I have several pieces of statton and they are very special to me because my uncle was lead designer for statton .

    1. Oh how nice Elizabeth! That was quite the position at Statton – lead designer! He did an excellent job! So glad you kept many of his pieces. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  31. We have enjoyed ur Statton Long-meadow queen poster bed for many years. Beautiful cherry wood, clean lines. It has wonderful height, perfect for a room with nine foot ceilings. Purchased at Maidstone Furniture in Hagerstown. Sorry bought Statton and Maidstone are closed.

    1. Hi Barrett, Statton’s poster beds are some of my favorites! So glad you are continuing to enjoy fine furniture by Statton in your home. We are all sorry about Statton, but I know that their pieces will probably outlive all of us. I never got the chance to go to Maidstone Furniture but have heard lots about them and know they sold top quality pieces. Thank you for your comment.

    2. I hate a Statton Trutype Americana secretary with hutch topper. I have lost the key to lock the cupboard doors on the hutch. Do you know how I could go about getting a new or used key?

    3. Hi Phyllis, search “cabinet skeleton keys” on amazon and you will find sets of 6 to 15 standard keys ranging from $15 to $25 for a set, one will work for you.

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