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Oil on Canvas of Garden Planters

Item: Vintage Oil on Canvas (Original) Framed and Signed.

Age & Condition: 20-30 years old. Very good condition. Might show some darkening to the frame.

Dimensions: 31″ wide x 27″ tall.


Oil on Canvas of Garden Planters

Oil on Canvas of Garden Planters in lovely gold wooden frame. This vibrant and cheerful work or original art has a great look!

The art work has a lovely carefree feel about it, probably because of the casual yet well thought-out composition. Of course, there are two garden pots in the foreground and two in the background. All the flowers appear to be soaking up the sun!

The oil on canvas has incredible color and nice movement. The brushstrokes again lend to a spontaneous feel.

Overall, the work is in very good vintage condition. You may notice a bit of darkening in the frame.