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What happened to Pennsylvania House Furniture? (We have the Scoop!)

pennsylvania house

About Pennsylvania House Furniture

Pennsylvania House used to be a household name in the fine furniture business.

Their fine cherry, oak, and maple furniture graced homes across the country.

Indeed, many people furnished their living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms with fine furniture all bought over time from Pennsylvania House.

Today, no new Furniture Retailer in the country carries their lines. In the years since 2005, the name brand was bought and sold a few times by larger corporations, including La-Z-Boy and Universal Furniture.

Essentially, in this day and age, the only way to purchase Pennsylvania House furniture is through:

  • Vintage stores
  • Used furniture stores
  • Thrift stores
  • Fine consignment shops
  • Online antique stores
  • Craigslist Furniture Section
  • eBay Stores

Pennsylvania House Furniture History

Many people are surprised to learn of the age of the company and the Pennsylvania House Furniture history.

In 1887, the company formed a small workshop-style factory in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Lewisburg is about 60 miles north of the capital of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, PA). Of course, Pennsylvania, as translated as “Penn’s woods” had many dense and old growth forests.

Thus, the early Pennsylvania House company took advantage of this natural resource. Nearly 90% of all their wood came from within 100 miles of their workshops. Indeed, Lewisburg has earned the nickname of the “Cherry Capital of the World.”

Pennsylvania House Furniture These old growth woods served as a huge asset to Pennsylvania House. Their case furniture, including bookcases, dressers, and dining room tables utilized these old growth cherry trees as their base. From the 1930’s through the 1970’s, their cherry furniture gained huge popularity from the middle and upper classes. Certainly, their maple wood furniture, walnut furniture and even pine furniture found homes across the country as well.

People recognized the quality and density of their lines and they admired the classic and traditional styles. However, Pennsylvania House offered many styles of furniture. Eventually, they expanded their offerings from the Classic Colonial styles to reproduction Victorian pieces, and even a line of streamlined “Modern” furniture in order to remain current in all parts of the country.

At this point in history, American workers and craftsman proudly made each piece domestically within the Lewisburg factories.

As one of their early Furniture Catalogs states,

“In a world committed to shortcuts, Pennsylvania House still takes the time.
Because we’ve got some very strong ideas about quality and value.
We’re old fashioned enough to believe that the things people make should be made to last.
And our things do.”

Certainly, this sums up the Pennsylvania House ethos.

Globalism Causes US Domestic Furniture Companies to Struggle… and Collapse

Like many American companies, a new global marketplace challenged domestic furniture companies.

By the 1990’s and 2000’s, Pennsylvania House struggled dismally to compete with the low prices of furniture imports. Of course, as China and Mexico grew their manufacturing systems and developed their economies, American companies struggled to compete on price.

As workers from the bottom-up felt the pinch, sales and profits decreased across the board. Middle Class America faced a deep decline. The Post War economy that had boomed and flourished now fizzled and people lost their jobs and pay.

Once an affordable staple, now solid wood furniture found itself a dead genre or an absurd luxury for most middle class Americans. Pennsylvania House Quality

By 2005, La-Z-Boy purchased the remains of Pennsylvania House. By the end of that year, they moved the entire production of PA House furniture overseas. La-Z-Boy treasurer, Mark Stegman, did not take this move lightly. He realized full well that this move would mean the loss of 450 jobs in the Lewisburg area.

At that time, even he and his staff signed a US petition to impose duties on furniture imports from China. However, he said the duties approved by the U.S. government were too low to make a difference anyway, according to this article in The Morning Call by Kurt Blumenau. Mark Stegman stated, “We were one of the few companies that stood up and went to bat for our employees.”

Pennsylvania House and Universal Furniture

Although La-Z-Boy attempted to salvage the popular designs and brand name of Pennsylvania House, apparently their move to produce overseas did not appease old customers and fans.

Likely, the poor quality of this “new” Pennsylvania House furniture did not satisfy their former clients. Indeed, high quality solid wood furniture attracted people to the brand originally. New customers likely saw no difference between the “new” Pennsylvania House and cheaper alternatives made in factories across China.

PA House furniture In other words, “Pennsylvania” was taken out of Pennsylvania House.

By 2007, just a few years later, La-Z-boy sold the rights to the name to another company, Universal Furniture.

Sadly, Universal too struggled with the Pennsylvania House name and brand.

Today, the Universal Furniture website makes no mention of the Pennsylvania House brand. Nor, do they use any logos, stamps or insignia. A search on their site produces a selection of dressers, beds and nightstands, yet they seem to bear little resemblance to vintage Pennsylvania House furniture.

For all intents and purposes, true Pennsylvania House Furniture only exists on eBay, in an occasional Craigslist furniture for sale ad or at an antique store.

PA House Styles, Finishes and Woods

As mentioned earlier, Pennsylvania House has a great reputation for classic, Colonial styles. Indeed, these timeless styles included Queen Anne Dining room sets, classic highboy dressers with solid brass hardware, and beautiful poster beds. Typically, Queen Anne and Chippendale styles dominated the production lines.

Pennsylvania House Value We have sold numerous vintage dining room sets and occasional pieces by PA House. The appeal of Early American Furniture remains strong for many buyers today. Pennsylvania House made most of these vintage dining room sets in solid cherry. And they offered elegant dark glossy finishes, satiny red finishes, or a more muted brown finish in cherry.

Additionally, the company offered Country Colonial styles. You might see the name Pennsylvania House on step back hutches, Windsor style chairs and drop leaf tables. From time to time, you will see a simple rush seat chair set made by the company.

Many times, we sold dining room hutches with reproduction “bubble glass.” The curved glass on these vintage cabinets gives the impression of an antique cabinet. These more informal styles by Pennsylvania House still used traditional design cues and high quality woods in their creation. Pennsylvania House Furniture Vintage

Of course, maple and oak gained some popularity in the 1960’s as a durable and lighter alternative to cherry. A charming knotty pine line by Pennsylvania House also gained a foothold in certain regions, as lighter finishes gathered a following in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Although not as popular as cherry PA House furniture, these collections do pop up from time to time.

Alternative Furniture Styles

Another unexpected style of Victorian influenced furniture by Pennsylvania House occasionally find their way into antique shops as well. Of course, Victorian Pennsylvania House likely features carved floral and leaf hardware and some teardrop carvings along the sides. In many respects, this Pennsylvania House Victorian variety was more of an adaptation of Victorian styles, rather than an exact reproduction. Indeed, the Victorian bedroom sets from Pennsylvania House look decidedly 1970 rather than 1870.

Finally, in an attempt to add a bit of contemporary edge to their furniture, Pennsylvania House made a short-lived line of Danish-inspired designs in the 1960’s. This rare style often features bookcase headboards and more streamlined case pieces. Mid Century Modern furniture by Pennsylvania house has less of a following, but occasionally you can find this line at vintage shops and online stores.

PA House Furniture Values

Pennsylvania House furniture values can fluctuate like any other market. Obviously, trends can have a lot to do with the value of any given vintage furniture piece at any given time.

Currently, we see a slow but steady return to traditional styles (take a look at our article on Bohemian style for an introduction) as a trend. Of course, this could mean that Pennsylvania House will find increasing demand on the resale market.

Pennsylvania House Sofa Personally, I see Pennsylvania House Furniture as a great investment for any family home. Their bedroom sets and dining room sets typically have durable finishes that have lasted for decades. Similarly, the formal sofas and wing chairs by Pennsylvania House have great frames and durable foam that seems to hold up to years of living room use.

Certainly, finding the right buyer in the furniture industry takes a bit of work and research (Check out The Ultimate Guide to Selling Antiques and Used Furniture for a start). However, because Pennsylvania House had a great following, many people have familiarity with the brand.

What to Look for in Pennsylvania House furniture?

As always when shopping for used furniture, you may have questions about what to look for in Pennsylvania House furniture for sale.

Certainly, seeing the brand mark on the inside of the drawer, back of the headboard or underneath the seat cushion can provide reassurance of quality. Pennsylvania House typically did not use brass or paper tags. Instead, they burned their mark inside the drawers. Thus, you can be sure that it was truly manufactured by the Lewisburg Company. Pennsylvania House value

However, foremost when purchasing any used furniture, condition matters. While most Pennsylvania House furniture will come from fine homes and last generations, it is important to check for major flaws and defects.

If old wood furniture is not cared for, it can warp, split or rot. For instance, furniture kept in storage units without climate control can suffer splitting sides and cupping. Keep your eyes open for this type of damage on dining room tables and tall chest of drawers.

Secondly, mold and mildew might appear on furniture kept in closed storage. If you can, take a close look at the feet and legs. These areas can suffer the most if kept on cold concrete floors in basements or storage units.

Pennsylvania House Furniture for saleIn dealing with Queen Anne dressers or Queen Anne servers, long elegant legs can get loose over time. Especially if people drag or push their furniture around while vacuuming, these tall-legged pieces can suffer. Although fixable, this flaw in vintage furniture can make it worth less on the market. You will need some long clamps and some time to fix a loose Queen Anne leg.

Finally, finish issues and blemishes on vintage furniture can be an eyesore. Check to see if any deep scratches or heat rings cloud the tops of Pennsylvania House tables, china cabinets and vintage end tables.

Pennsylvania House Company

Although sadly not in business anymore, many people still have the chance to enjoy the incredible craftsmanship and beauty of vintage Pennsylvania House furniture. These high quality, solid wood pieces from the “Golden Years” of the company’s history will remain an excellent choice for modern homes.

We honor the Pennsylvania House company, as residents of the state and as resellers only a couple hours away from Lewisburg, PA. Pennsylvania House chairs

Certainly, our clients who have purchased furniture made by Pennsylvania House Company have great satisfaction with their choices.

We hope that you consider purchasing a piece of Pennsylvania House for your home when decorating in the future, perhaps to add to your collection, or to start a new journey with fine furniture.

With the beautiful timber, traditional styles and incredible craftsmanship, vintage Pennsylvania House will defy the fast and wasteful “throw-away” culture of today. Certainly, American made furniture from Pennsylvania House remains valuable and stylish today.

Thank you for inviting us into your Interior decorating world!

Rachel LaBoheme – Bohemian Furniture

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201 thoughts on “What happened to Pennsylvania House Furniture? (We have the Scoop!)

  1. Hello, I have a Pennsylvania House mantel clock that was purchased when an old Furniture Store here was going out of Business. I can find nothing at all anywhere telling anything about the clock.
    I know it looked a lot like a Howard Miller mantle clock that I saw. It has chimes ever 1/4 hour and then plays Westminster chimes on the hour. The workings were made by Franz Hermle.
    Can you tell me anything about such a clock ? I has a Pensylvania House sort of plaque above the hands on the top of the face plate.

    1. Hello Frenesi, I do believe the clock you mentioned was a special edition anniversary clock. The mantle clocks were given as a promo to many employees. I have never run across one. The inner works are German and a very well respected maker used in many clocks. As far as value I would place it the same as any vintage carriage cherry case mantle clock. If sent to a clock shop to be cleaned and oiled we would retail one for $150 to $300. But to the right collector or employee they may pay more. At auction I would expect to pay $75 to $150.

  2. I was told by a couple designers from Ethan Allen that Ethan Allen a factory made furniture for Pennsylvania House. Do you know if that was true?
    They noticed a couple wood pieces in my living room and thought they were Ethan Allen. I told them they were Pennsylvania House and that’s when they told me my tables were actually made by Ethan Allen.

    1. We are not aware of Ethan Allen making any furniture for Pennsylvania House furniture. But yes many other cabinet shops and furniture makers did make pieces for them quite a bit. There are many designs that many different companies made that are reproductions of famous pieces of furniture so they all typically look very similar. We are aware that Ethan Allen bought many furniture companies including Kling furniture. We have refinished Kling furniture from the 1940’s that is identical to Ethan Allen from the 1970’s.

  3. I’ve just unboxed two nightstands. Opened the drawer and on the left hand sided of the top drawer was a nameplate that said “Pennsylvania House” I have a full bedroom set (nightstands, dresser, chest of drawers, and King bed) that is new. It is not the name on the outside of the box, but the furniture appears to be a very good quality. Can anyone offer some insight on this?

    The nameplate drove me to search for this site. Any info?

    1. Vintage Pennsylvania House did not use nameplates? they branded the drawers(burned the name in). What do you mean by unboxed? is the purchase new furniture? If the box is unmarked it really doesn’t matter as shippers use what’s available today? who did you buy the furniture from? etc. etc.? Sorry John but we are not sure what your concerns are?

    2. Its not Vintage. Its Universal and it has a Pennsylvania House plate on the inside. All new set. New Lou Collection. When I saw the plate in the drawer, I was wondering about the origin of the name. This group really did answer the question. I was just digging into the Pennsylvania House name. No concerns, a really good set.

  4. the 1972 flood was the beginning of the end for PH. tremendous damage to both plants

    1. Thank you for your insights Robert. I read a bit about the flooding this morning and looked through quite a few photos, devastating for sure. Around the late 2000’s I lived in the middle of the flooding in the Reading PA area caused again by the tributaries being overwhelmed in the area just north of us. Even with the army core of engineers work over the years creating Blue Marsh lake area the flooding was vast. On a positive note many many people still enjoy and seek out the great products produced by Pennsylvania House furniture company and its employees.

  5. I just acquired a Pennsylvania House Windsor type chair that has a writing surface and two drawers (one under the writing surface and one under the chair seat). It appears to be in a very solid condition with very minimal wear. It retains the original knobs on the drawers and the entire piece does not show any sign of ever being repaired. I looked all over the entire piece but can not find any markings that indicate Pennsylvania House. Can it possibly be an earlier piece , before they “burned” the name in? I have seen the exact piece on the internet, but they have the PH markings burned into them. Any idea of the age and value?

    1. Hi Gary, that style chair is a colonial period chair 1600’s. Many furniture companies made reproductions of them. Yours is probably a good maker and the name is rubbed or faded away over time if its older. Vintage very good chairs of the style sell at auction from $75 to $300 depending on condition, any wear, scratches, finish missing will lower the values greatly. If yuo are looking to sell remember you would need the ability to deliver or ship the item to try and make it available to a wider audience. Without seeing the chair and with no brand markings I would place a retail value of $150 to $200. Thats for one in great condition not almost great condition, thanks for the comment and I hope this helps.

  6. I have acquired a Pennsylvania House Vanity. Do know where I can look up any information on when and where it was made, and how much it originally cost? I do not plan on selling it, but I would like to any info that I can find on it. Thank-you for your assistance.

    1. You could buy old Pennsylvania House furniture catalogs on a sites like ebay and browse thru the photos. Usually on the back of a piece will have stenciled numbers, the last two numbers are usually the year is was built in Lewiston PA or New York. The original price on a piece of PA House like you described would have been between $250 and $450 depending when it was sold. If in the 60’s and 70’s that would have been about three times the price in todays dollars. Used in excellent condition the value at a reputable seller would be $485 to $785 depending on shipping costs and condition. At auction in as found condition or worn you could expect topay between $75 TO $150 dollars for an old Pennsylvania House vanity. Hope that helps Cissy

  7. My wife and I worked at a Pennsylvania House plant, located in Penn Yan, New York. The facility was much smaller than the main factory in Lewisburg, Pa. The Penn Yan facility made hard wood furniture, such as tables, dressers, etc. The factory employed approx. 125 people at it’s peak. In the latter years us employees could see it starting to struggle. The company had been sold a couple of times, and the nail in the coffin, was the last buyer, a holding company. The quality started to suffer as well. They even tried to bring in hard wood chairs from Indonesia, have us sand off the label, and imprint the Pennsylvania House emblem onto the chair. You could see things were getting desperate. In 1990, the end came. Penn Yan being a small community of 5000 people, this was a hard blow.

    1. Hi Ronald, thank you for the insider first hand look at what happened to so many of these wonderful furniture companies. Hope all is well with your family and thank you very much for sharing your insight.

  8. Can anyone let me know if you can safely use mineral spirits on a PA House cherry end-table?

    1. I would use a general wood cleaner if that is the purpose to clean your Pennsylvania House furniture. Try Howards Restore a Finish from Home Depot. Then use a good beeswax.

  9. Hi, I have a PA house oak secretary desk which I purchased in 1990. It’s been a prized piece of furniture for me but we are downsizing and I’m most likely going to sell. It has the straight top with dental trim, leaded glass doors and glass shelves , drop down desk area with cubby’s, etc. any thoughts on best places to find buyers for this piece . It looks new, was only looked at and never used! It does have the burned PA house inside top drawer so guessing this is a classic piece before they started decline?

    1. Hi Pam! Yes, if it was made in the 1990s, the desk was no doubt made in the United States. I think your best bet for selling the secretary would be to offer it on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace has a really great search capability and has a wide reach. Obviously, I would use the words “solid oak” and “Pennsylvania House” in the listing and show multiple photos. If you don’t like that platform, you could also try Chairish, but if you are not a professional seller or do not have multiple items to sell, it might be a bit tough. Ebay is likely the same… Both of these platforms are really made for long-term sellers. I hope that makes sense! Best of luck to you with your downsizing adventures! Thanks for writing!

  10. We have a dining table passed down through my husband’s family. Rather than the Penn House name brand, it has a cloth tag glued to the underside of the table. Does that say anything about the age of the table?

    1. Hi Melanie, yes the cloth tags are typically seen on pieces from the 1960’s thru 1970’s on Pennsylvania House furniture. Hope that helps.

  11. i would love to sell my very own dining room set table,hutch ,top and bottom and a server all bought in 1959 made of cherry mahogany and still standing tall how would i sell something like this and for how much thanks for the information

    1. hello Helen, we wrote an article about selling furniture here is a link: at this time we do not buy privately, the value of your furniture would depend upon factors like condition, where it is located, brand ect.
      thank you and we hope that helps you start.

  12. Hello! Pleasure to find your site, the information here was very helpful. I have a tall PH hutch which originally belonged to my parents when they were first married, which was 1969. They split when I was young, my mother kept the hutch but several years ago when she moved, she gave it to me. There is an original purchase receipt stapled to the back, I believe.
    My wife and I exchanged the drawer pulls for a style we like better, but kept the old ones. We are considering selling them if they are of value. I do not see a brand name on the back of them – they are a batwing style. Would you happen to know what brands they might have used, or have any information which might be helpful?
    We did also get the hutch repainted a few years ago, as the finish was not in the best of shape. However all of the original glass is intact, and the interior lighting works. It does have the PH mark burned on the inside of one of the drawers, so it is genuine!

    Thank you again for the history on the company. Ironically I now live a bit more than an hour south of where these were originally manufactured.

    1. Hi Chris,
      So glad you decided to keep your mom’s hutch! I definitely like your ideas to change the hardware and repaint the piece to update it to your liking. 🙂 If you decide to sell the Batwing Hardware, I definitely would list “Pennsylvania House Hardware” in the title. You may be able to get about $5-$8 a piece for it online. Hope that helps. Thanks for writing!

    2. Thank you for your reply! That’s great information, we will try that out – I’m thinking eBay to start, and see how it goes.

      Yes we like the new finish, I can send you a photo if you like, just need an email. Take care!

  13. We have a Penna House dining set that we purchased from a couple, about 27 years ago. I don’t know how long they owned it. It is a dark pine trestle table with ladderback chairs with rush seats. Also has large dark pine hutch with dentil molding, two arched glass doors with criss-cross metal dividers (tudor style). I was wondering when this might have been made by Penna House? Their name is burned into the wood inside the drawer, but no numbers with it. I have found no similar furniture like this online, when researching it. Thanks.

    1. I have not seen one by Pennsylvania House as described but I am familiar with the style. Many similar sets were made by Ethan Allen and Bennington furniture company and both of those sets date to the very late 1960’s and early 1970″s.

    2. Hi Diane, i have not seen the set described by PA House but we have seen similar sets made by Ethan Allen and Bennington furniture company and both date to the very late 1960’s and very early 1970’s. So im sure the style was made by Pennsylvania House in the same time period. Thanks and we hope that helps.

    3. the pine collection was introduced in about 1970. it was actively produced for about 10 years.

      a former PH manager

  14. I’m looking for a wheel caster for a Pennsylvania House cherry drop leaf tea cart. I purchased it 8 years ago with one missing caster. I have not been able to find any caster replacement of the same size… not even a modern one. I want a vintage, or vintage-looking caster, but I’m willing to buy a more modern look and make it look old. I’m simply unable to find a replacement anywhere… even on Amazon. Does anyone have any ideas?

    The caster specs are: 3″ diameter wheel, 5/16″ x 1-3/8 non-threaded stem, overall height 3-3/8″ (floor to bottom of tea cart).


    1. Hi Scott, thank you for writing! And I feel your pain. Finding vintage furniture parts is frustrating and difficult. Unfortunately, I do not have any great resources for you… Sometimes, it may be worth it to buy four “new” old castors(or purchase another cart from a thrift store or estate sale). You may also want to check house of antique hardware. Here is the link to their castors:

  15. I have a PH dresser and mirror, as well as a desk, chair and twin headboard. I would love to be able to purchase a matching chest of drawers and two nightstands. I just hate to give up on this beautiful furniture. I purchased it in the early 1990’s . Any idea where I might find this is great condition? There is no wear and tear on mine whatsoever. If I cannot find matching pieces, I will have to part with it . It makes me so sad to think it would go to Goodwill or wherever…

    1. Hi Donna. Your best bet is to periodically search online. I like eBay, but I think Chairish has better shipping rates. Best of luck on your search. I feel certain that you will find something to match your other Pennsylvania House furniture. Best, Rachel

    2. Hello

      I live in France (I know, a big way…) and someone is selling two nightstands, for 30 €, on Facebook Marketplace, in Carpentras. The man’s name is Luc Hernandez.

      He wrote « Pensilvania  House » in his description

      This is probably too late and too far for you, but one never knows


    3. Hello Reard, Yes a bit far for us but thank you, maybe a trip to France would be fun though lol.

  16. Hi. I love the site and hope you can help me. I bought a beautiful PH bedroom set at an estate sale which included a king bed, dresser/mirror and two nightstands. The bed and mirror have wrought iron on them as decoration. I can’t find the name of the collection as I would like to see if there was a chest or armoire that was part of the collection. Other than the PH burn mark on the inside of the drawer, I could not find any code on the backs of the furniture. Any chance you could steer me to an old catalog or other resource where I could identify the collection?

    Also, I ran across this secretary desk on another site selling vintage PH furniture chairish/product/2380585/1960s-pennsylvania-house-secretary-desk. The desk is exactly the same as one I have (including the handles an other accents) except mine is missing the burn mark in the drawer. It does have a mark on the back which looks like NO 5780 DESK CANDLELIGHT. Is there any way to know if mine is a knock-off or actual PH desk?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    1. Hi Dan,
      To answer your first question, I went through several of my old Pennsylvania House Furniture catalogs and did not see any of the bedroom furniture style you are talking about. My guess is that style might have come out in the late 1990s or even early 2000s (most of my catalogs are a bit older). Also, because your furniture does not have the numbered codes, I wonder if this set might have been made by PA House once they started importing furniture (after 2005 or so). So, there is a chance that it was made in Asia.

      As far as your secretary desk, I do believe “Candlelight” is an early stain color for the company. Also, I recently learned that other workshops were outsourced by Pennsylvania House when the company was too busy to fulfill their orders. So, for instance, Colonial Furniture Company (also located in Lewisburg, PA) made many pieces for Pennsylvania House. This may explain why you own an identical model secretary desk but it does not have the signature Pennsylvania House mark. Unfortunately, without the brand mark, if you were to sell it, you can only use the term “attributed to Pennsylvania House” and it may hurt the value slightly. Although, really condition goes a long way in the value of used furniture as well. I hope this info helps a bit! Thank you for writing! Best, Rachel

    2. I think you have an authentic piece. Back in 1968, my parents bought me a dresser and canopy bed by Pennsylvania House. The finish was Candlelight.

  17. Brief foray into South America by Pennsylvania House?
    We have a dining room set by PH, purchased in 1999, which is marked ‘made in Bolivia’.
    It was purchased at a PH dealer in Hickory, NC.
    Any insights?

    1. Huh! Tom, I was sure that Pennsylvania House didn’t start importing furniture until the mid 2000s, but perhaps I am wrong. Very interesting that you found a Made in Bolivia Mark. Was this tag on the case furniture, the table or the upholstered seats? Thanks for writing! Best, Rachel

  18. Globalism as a sole causality is too simple. The assault on wages as wages began to fall behind the rise in the cost of living began in earnest after 1980. Add to this the endless attacks on good-paying union jobs and unions in general while white collar golden parachutes and steep rises in wages made for a smaller and smaller middle class for the last forty years. Families had to choose between sending kids to college and mortgages or fine furniture. The tax cuts to the wealthy have been numerous and the wealth has never once “trickled down” to the middle class. The only rise in wages relative to cost of living occurred during the Clinton administration. Otherwise, it has been all downhill for the middle class and furniture was an expendable item.

    1. Globalism certainly was not the only cause for sure, but it certainly did not help the middle class. I am not too sure why the wages rose during the Clinton administration, but it could have been because of the dot-com boom and stock market bubble. (Which ultimately ended in a crash, shouldered mostly by the middle class.) I would agree with you whole heartedly about the end of union jobs, though. Appreciate your comment! Thank you for reading.

  19. My Pennsylvania House nightstand drawer has a plastic anti-tilt clip stapled onto the back of the drawer. It broke and I need a new clip . Any ideas ? Thanks

    1. Hi John, They sell drawer clips for drawers at most hardware stores and online. Often they are called “Wood Track Drawer Guide Kit” and come with a part that can be screwed to the back of the drawer. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading! Best, Rachel

  20. Most all of our Furniture is Penn. House, Bought from Gladhill Furniture in Middletown MD. 2 Children, 2 dogs and 3 cats and 5 grand children, plus nearly any other child around has shown it toll, the Couch and chairs need redone, the cherry needs refinished before we die, My Wife now wants hers back.

  21. So my sister wants me to sell her hutch. I thought it might have been IKEA, or even Walmart. To my surprise, it’s Pennsylvania House. I remember that she has had this piece for several years, and i don’t know how long, but definitely pre 2005. I have a model # branded on the back, but I have no resources or references. Any idea how I could date and name this design?

    1. Hi David, most Pennsylvania House that was made in this country has a long code stamped on the back. The last two numbers correspond to the year of manufacturing. However, if it was made in an Asian country, it might not have a stamped number at all. Hope that helps. Thanks for writing!

  22. Hello,

    I thought I posted a comment on here before but do not see it, so I apologize if there is a double comment made by me. I have a Pennsylvania House Dining Room Table in my possession and I am unable to identify the exact style of it as I see no pictures similar to it online. The table is rectangular in shape and has what looks like a wave type carving on the sides of the table (not for sure if that’s the official description of it) and beautiful carvings on the legs. Would anyone happen to know the exact style of the piece I am describing and possibly a reason as to why I can not locate this dining table anywhere online? The quality is in great shape, just some minor scratches on the top of it. Is it possible to get a rough estimate on it’s worth? Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Kevin, If you would like to send me a photo of your Pennsylvania House dining table, I could probably give you an idea of the style and possibly the age, and a rough estimate of the value. Unfortunately, the value of vintage furniture often comes down to the condition and finding a buyer for it… If that makes sense. Please find my email in the contact page. Thanks for writing! Rachel

  23. Any suggestion about replacing or repairing the hardware on my hutch? It was purchased in 1961 from Southeast Furniture in Nashville Tenn. we went hog wild and purchased a gate legged drop leaf table with 6 side and two arm chairs, a dry sink and the large open top hutch. In the past few years We have found the drawer pulls on the hutch have completely corroded. We took them to a shop that does brass repair and cleaning only to be told they were not solid brass and nothing could be done. I have similar pulls on my PH end tables. They have darkened but so far no corrosion. Would love to find out if you have run into this problem before.

    We also have a PH sofa and 2wing chairs purchased in 1973 from Gladhill in Middletown, MD. The fabric on the sofa looks new and is amazing.

    1. Hi Kathryn. We purchase hardware from House of Antique Hardware, Ball and Ball Hardware and eBay. Certainly, eBay will be your cheapest option. The other two make very nice hardware and most is solid brass. However, it can really add up when you need to replace everything. Make sure you measure your hardware carefully (It is usually measured hole to hole or post to post). Best of luck! Enjoy your Pennsylvania House furniture!

  24. We have a beautiful Pennsylvania House cherry china hutch, very similar to one that is pictured in your blog on PA House furniture. As we are downsizing, we would like to sell it. How do I go about determining the value of the hutch and approximately what price to ask for it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Helen! Thank you for your comment. We write a lot about the value of Pennsylvania House Furniture in our blogs. While there is no “blue book” value for vintage furniture, it helps to consider a few things when trying to determine the value. Is it in good shape or near mint condition? How old is it? Is it stylish in today’s standards? Can you deliver it to a customer? I would say most vintage Pennsylvania House hutches fall within in the $200-$1500 range, which I know is a very large range. Of course, on the marketing ends of things, I would suggest going online to multiple platforms, including Facebook Marketplace, Chairish, Ebay, Craigslist and the like. You could also try non-online sources like a local consignment shop or an auction… In short, selling furniture is more difficult than most people realize. You may wish to check out our blog on How to Sell Your Furniture For Cash for an overview and helpful tips. Best of luck and thanks for writing!

    2. Hi Helen, I think you should look at comparable on other selling sites. However, remember, most sellers are willing to negotiate. Also, there are hefty commissions, fees and shipping expenses related to selling furniture online. Additionally, make sure you are being honest with the buyer about condition of your hutch. Scratches, fading, or finish issues can really hurt the value of vintage Pennsylvania House Furniture. Finally, please feel free to browse the rest of our blogs. We are currently creating a “What’s it Worth?” Blog series using real actual sales prices of our furniture. This is a long term project, but you can already read about lots of pieces we have sold in years past. Hope that helps! Best of luck with the downsizing.

  25. I left a comment and question the other day but I do not see it. I’ll try again. I am looking for the name of the PH dining set I purchased in the early 90’s. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. We had already purchased a complete DR set in 1980 with Queen Anne legs which included 6 chairs (2 arm chairs) & lighted hutch. So we were already in love with PH. This set was different in that it has a green distressed stain on the table legs & parts of the chairs. It is cherry, of course, and the seats have a somewhat curvy edge as do the corners of the table. We have always used it in our kitchen. I love it still. The table has 2 drawers on each of the long sides. The PH logo is on the inside of one of them. I seem to remember “harvest” was in the name. Any information would be appreciated. Also the stain that was used? Thank you. Long live Pennsylvania House!

    1. Im sorry none of us are familiar with a set with that description, I looked through the few catalogs we have and nothing fit. I wish i had a better answer for you but we do not. But i am very glad you too love PA House. They used quite a few stains so I would just try and match it up the best you can if you need to.

  26. In the 1980’s through 1990’s we furnished our entire home with PA House furniture purchased from Gladhill Furniture in Middletown, MD. The original upholstery on the pieces is still in fabulous amazing condition. We purchased mahogany and cherry Queen Anne, Hepplewhite, and Chippendale pieces for all the rooms in our home over a period of years. Amazing quality and with good care has held up for decades. Classic PA House cannot be equaled and is better than Ethan Allen. All of the pieces have Pennsylvania House burned into the wood. My favorite is the Connoisseur’s Collection Hepplewhite Lady’s Desk. Back then we spent many thousands on PA House furniture and decades later it is still timeless and beautiful.

    Would like to get some repair done on the wood scratches as the furniture has moved several times over the decades. Any recommendations for a quality wood craftsman in Maryland? I live near Columbia. Would also like to get my collection appraised.

    1. Very well written comment. I agree with your statements. For light scratches i would first try “Howards Restore A Finish” its about $10 at Home depot in te paint department. The stuff works magic. If you think your furniture needs repair, try a local custom cabinet shop, they usually are good at all types of repairs. As far as appraisals they can be tough, an insurance appraisal takes into consideration what you paid and your time to find, buy and replace an item. An appraisal of value on the open market can also range low from an auction house to higher from a reseller. But to actualize those prices you would need to sell the items yourself as resellers would look to purchase at wholesale prices. We also have a blog post with tips to sell

    2. Haute Boheme thank you for your tip re: Howard’s restore a finish. The scratches are surface on the feet from vacuuming and moving over the years nothing is deep. I’ve been using Howard Feed ‘n Wax on the wood over the years which has kept it in good condition. Do you recommend the mahogany restore color for the cherry wood as well? The PA House furniture that I have is the darker cherry color. The Howard product shows a lighter cherry so wondering if mahogany would be the right color? Thank you for the great article and advice. Much appreciated.

    3. The color really doesn’t matter to much, we use walnut in the shop often as it looks great on all woods, mahogany is our least favorite as it smells the most lol. The cherry or which ever you have will work well. Howards is not like Old English, howards blends itself in somehow, it really is a great product.

  27. My husband & I purchased a Pennsylvania House cherry dining room set in 1980. The legs of the table & 6 chairs are Queen Anne. The table has 2 leaves for additional sitting. We also purchased a table pad for it at the same time. We also purchased the matching buffet. It has lights in each of the 3 sections on the top with glass shelves & glass paned doors & the bottom has 3 sections also with solid doors & drawers. I love this set as much I did the day we bought it. In the early 90’s we bought another PH table & chairs for our kitchen. I cannot remember what it was called but I think “harvest” was in the description. It is a beautiful set still in use today. The corners of the tabletop are curved & the seat bottoms are scalloped. What stands out about this set in addition to the curves & scalloped seats is the finish. It is a green distressed stain. The table has 2 drawers on each of the long sides too. Fell in love with this at first sight! I’d love to know the name of this set if possible. Also the stain as the tabletop needs refinished. Any information is appreciated.

    1. Hi Patricia! Thanks for writing. I am not sure if that Pennsylvania House collection with the colored stains had a name, but I do know it was and is still popular today. As far as the top stain, many times we use a Mohawk Brand Stain to redo Cherry furniture by Pennsylvania. We like “Van Dyke Brown” as it gives a nice warm tone (not too red). I hope that helps. So glad that you still love your Pennsylvania House dining room set and kitchen set! I know so many who absolutely wouldn’t trade it in for anything made today. Have a great day and thanks for writing!

  28. I worked at Bloomingdales in NYC from 1972 thru 1975 and was in charge of the Pennsylvania House Department where we sold an exclusive line made just for Bloomingdales.
    The collection was housed in a section of the furniture floor that had about 6 rooms all with white stucco walls, ceiling beams, and half timber designs on some walls. The floors were stained dark brown along with all other architectural details.
    The furniture was made of oak, stained dark , finish was not smooth but rather a kind of raised grain, and had antique brass hardware. While I was there we introduced an abbreviated collection in a “Blond” finish. I have pictures of some of that set in a model room.
    We showed the furniture with straw rugs, flocati rugs and kilems. Nobody accessored a furniture floor like B’dales in the 70’s. You can see some of this furniture in Barbara D’arcy’s Decorating Book, she was my boss.

    1. Thank you for sharing, NYC always had the best displays back in the day.

  29. We recently (unknowingly) purchased a gorgeous Pennsylvania house dining set with 6 chairs. Anyone know the best place to sell things like this? I’m sure there’s a decent market but I’m also kind of curious as to what someone thinks we could get for it.

    1. Congrats on your new purchase Samuel! If you do decide to sell the set, I encourage you to read our article on Selling Your Furniture. Here is the link: Best of luck and thanks for reading!

    2. We purchased a piece of Pennsylvania House furniture at a garage sale but I can’t find it anywhere? It has 4 draws with key holes and the top flips over onto 2 little arms that pull out like a desk. Do you know what this piece is and what it is called? Is there an old Pennsylvania House catalog I can look at?

    3. Sounds like it is a flip top server, usually part of a dining room set. Today many people use these as bars.

  30. Worked there for over 25 years, and was the best job of my life. Started out as a handler and ended up as the Quality Manager for the last 15 years the factory was there. I have some of the finishes and lots of hardware, drawer runner plastic ends and such. I am a master repair person. Love the fact that you have posted this, not much is out there on the factory. The factory closed December 2004, and we have had employee reunions ever since except this year due to the virus. People have come in from far was, N.C., Indiana and such. A great place to work.

    Mike Summers

    1. Mike, how awesome! I had no idea you still had yearly reunions. Must have been an amazing opportunity! Thanks for reading!

    2. Hi Mike, I have a low boy with Queen Anne legs in a cherry finish. I’m missing the key to lock the top drawer. Can you help me? Thanks.

    3. A quick search on Amazon for a skeleton key should due the trick. Expect to pay about $15 to $20 for a small set of the most common furniture key types.

    4. Hi Mike,
      We have beautiful Pennsylvania House furniture, including dining room chairs, and unfortunately, the back of one of them has split in two places, vertically, from top to bottom. Is there a way to repair this? Also, do you know of the best method to clean them?

    5. We use murphys oil soap to start and then #0000 steel wool with alot of “howards restore a finish”. Finally we will use a bees wax. nTo fix the split gets some good wood glue and some clamps,But the finish may look bad when fixed. Usually the splits are along the spots were boards were glued together and now have swelled from water and humidity.

    6. Hello Mike.
      We have quite a bit of Pennsylavania House Furniture in our home. It was well made. Recentl though a plastic drawer guide broke on my armoir drawer and I can not find one anywhere to replace it. Any chance you might one one? It’s about 2 1/2″ across and 2′ high. It has three small holes for the phillips screws.
      Love to hear from you.

    7. Hi Mike,

      We got out our bedroom and entertainment unit from Pennsylvania House in the 80’s when we got married and it looks as good as the day we got it. However, two of the handles on my dresser bureau broke and cannot find a exact match and wondering if you possible have replacements.


    8. We dont sell parts sorry, i would look to replace all the hardware so it matches. The hardware in sets could be found on ebay used or amazon brand new, happy hunting.

    9. Mike:

      We have a piece of furniture that is card table that can be lowered to a coffee table. We use it for breakfast. It has 4 stuffed chairs with roller bottoms. Two of the chairs have the rollers falling out
      because the metal sleeve insert that the roller ball fits into is missing. You stated you have hardware.
      Would you have 2 of the metal insert sleeves the roller ball fits into? I’d be so appreciative if I could
      purchase them from you. And, I can send you an e-mail photo of the chair if you would give me your
      e-mail address. Thanking you in advance, Jack Beiter

    10. Mike Summers:
      We have a great “modern” style PH bedroom set. There are three top drawers in the dresser and the center one’s track is off center by 1/2 inch or so. This mean that the center drawer rubs on one side as it opens and closes and is closer to the drawer on its right than the drawer on its left, leaving a narrow gap showing between it and the drawer on the right and a larger gap showing between it and the drawer on the left.

      We have taken off the back to figure this out. Have you ever seen this? It’s odd for PH to have a defect, but the uneven spacing between drawers is very obvious. My husband is considering trying to release the center drawer and moving the track bar over 1/2 inch that the drawer slides on.

      We bought the set in a consignment shop in TN. It is the heaviest bedroom set ever!!!

  31. Hi, I am looking for a finial for a blockfront hutch I recently bought. It came with one but not original..even a reproduction would work.
    Thanks, Bob

    1. Hi Bob, when i need finials i usually look on ebay for “vintage finial” or antique finial. They usually can be found for $15=$30 including shipping. The hard part is matching up the color of the stain unless you choose a brass one. Brass ones usually cost about $15. Happy hunting.

  32. Love my PA HOUSE furniture, a lifetime investment.

    The spine has recently broken on one of my beautiful chippendale dining room chairs. It just split in half one day. The top and bottom are still attached to the frame but the spine is in two pieces. Is there somewhere this could be fixed in PA?

    I live 2 hours from Lewisburg, thought there maybe repair shops still in business.

    Suggestions please?

    1. Cheryl, I am sorry to hear about your chair! It is hard to find furniture repair places but must upholstery shops can probably direct you to someone local. Best of luck with it! I hope you get the help you need. Thanks for reading.