Where Can I Find Antiques? At An Online Antique Store, Watch The Video

Where Can I Find Antiques? At An Online Antique Store, Watch The Video

Looking for fine antiques presented online or in person? Take a gander at this Pennsylvania countryside antique store near us, a great place to find rare beautiful antique and vintage furniture pieces.

Online Antique Store

Online Antique Store Video A quick video stroll through the online antique store at Bohemian’s antique furniture store in Waynesboro Pennsylvania countryside. Bohemian’s is located at 11068 Buchanan Trail East Waynesboro Pennsylvania 17268 (Rouzerville). Most noteworthy, we are in good company just west of historic Gettysburg, north a few miles of St Mary’s college and shrine. Online antique store with full descriptions and details.

In addition you may watch the information using this direct URL: video clip .

Antique Store Video

Thank you for viewing our antique store video. We hope you enjoyed seeing what we have in stock at the moment in vintage furniture and antique furniture. Our inventory changes quickly and we love to hunt for new treasures to add to our private collection of valuable artifacts.

Thank you for inviting us into your home!
Rachel La Bohème

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4 thoughts on “Where Can I Find Antiques? At An Online Antique Store, Watch The Video

  1. $300 to $400, but you may have to offer delivery. Find a fine consignment shop in your area or list the sofa on facebook. Also if it has any stains the sofa becomes just a thrift store item. Thank you Robert

  2. I have a Temple Chippendale Style Mahogany Camelback Sofa purchased from Stanis Furniture in 1986.
    It is in excellent condition. Is there any value in it for resale?

  3. Furniture doesnt have a “book value” or a set price. The best i can tell you is condition really maters, any flaws, scratches, dents or dings will greatly diminish any potential price. Furniture is heavy, if you can move it or delivery it you may get more. If you are good at sales you may get more. Just to say whats it worth is counter productive, my answer would be probably $200-$300 retail at auction. Best of luck

  4. I have a Pennsylvania house set that is for the bedroom. It’s a very large set with dressers and the top that goes on the dresser. There’s a bookshelf with a dresser underneath and a corner shelf there’s also a set of dresser drawers. And it’s all in original Green. It’s a beautiful set in good condition and I’m just wondering what it could be worth . I have pictures but it won’t let me copy n paste

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