Vintage Persian Rug, Large Room Size Rug


Item: Vintage Persian Rug, Room Size Persian Rug.

Age & Condition: Semi-Antique (40-60 years old). Thick pile, good color. Fringe has been cut on either end.

Dimensions: 12 ft by 16 ft 10.

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Vintage Persian Rug

Beautiful, thick and heavy vintage Persian Rug with incredible colors and design. This thick, heavy Persian Rug is one of the largest we have had in stock.

Of course, this Persian rug was made completely by hand. So, it has an amazing Sarouk style design. Also, it has beautiful muted and silky colors that change with the light and direction. You can really see the quality of the wool in this rug.

Additionally, the Persian rug has a beautiful all-over pattern in the field. Finally, it has a really lovely floral border.

Large Room Size Rug

This large room size rug is particularly well suited for a bedroom, living room or dining room. It shows good vintage condition. However, the fringe has been cut on either end. Also, it has a small area of wear. Please see photos.