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Online Antique Store – Bohemian’s Fine Furniture Video

Online Antique Store

Our online antique store combines the best of old world antique stores with modern technology. As you can see by Bohemian’s Fine Furniture Video (embedded below), we offer the same exciting discovery atmosphere of our former store setup in an online antique store.

However, with the addition of our warehouse shelves, we can offer even more beautiful antiques for sale! Now, with our organized antiques for sale online, customers and browsers can virtually enter our online antique store to find all of our exciting antiques for sale!

Antiques For Sale Online

Antiques for sale online allow clients to conveniently narrow down their choices and see the furniture from all angles. While a conventional store might be overwhelming or confusing, an online furniture store can let the client take their time to really browse! Indeed, an online furniture store can let you “pop in” for minutes at a time, or spend hours to really browse. Indeed, many of our busiest traffic times on the online antique store occur after 11pm!

You might notice from this quick walk through tour that our warehouse still has a friendly feeling. Of course, the warehouse has nearly doubled in size with our double layer rolling carts. However, we still aim to display our antiques in the truest light possible. Indeed, if our clients do wish to see our antiques for sale before purchasing, we would like them to feel comfortable and welcomed in the warehouse.

Bohemian Furniture

Buy Antiques Online?

One of our early mentors taught us that the antique shop is a “touch and feel” business. She argued that people would simply not buy antiques online. However, we feel the costs and stresses of a bricks and mortar “storefront” diminish any benefit it might offer.

For one, businesses often need to raise their prices to compensate for their overhead costs. Secondly, busy people with hectic schedules often cannot find time to make a journey to a store. Thirdly, people in very rural or very urban areas have very limited choices within their geographic regions. Fourthly, and sadly, our mentor could not continue to compete as a bricks and mortar storefront and has decided to close her shop!

Certainly, our combination of the speedy and simple website and an organized warehouse fits a 21st century business model.

Indeed, many of our clients prefer to purchase online. Firstly, it fits their lifestyle and schedule. Secondly, it saves them time. How many times have you gone on a hunt for a certain dream furniture piece only to waste hours of time and gas money? An organized online store will divide the furniture in useful categories. For instance, simply click on antique sideboards if you seek a buffet. Or find a great desk in the antique desks category. Thirdly, it allows customers to make a rational and thoughtful purchase. Without the pressure of a salesman, people often feel more relaxed to make a decision. Indeed, they can show their spouses or friends a photo and allow them to weigh in with just a few clicks!

Antique Furniture Online

Antique furniture online exists on other websites where multiple sellers compete for your attention. However, clients generally seek a more personalized experience. Of course, everyone seeks trustworthy antique dealers online.

Chiefly, we aim to keep our communication lines open with clients. We respond to all emails and phone messages and want our clients to feel open to reaching out to us.

When you buy antique furniture online from Bohemian’s, you can also opt for in-home delivery. Of course, not every online antique store offers such a benefit. (Surprisingly, not all antique stores offer delivery!)

Delivery has always been a cornerstone of our business. Antique furniture purchased online can usually be delivered within ten days!

Antique Furniture Delivery

Another benefit to purchasing antique furniture online is our “offer button.” We allow clients to negotiate on price if they desire. This takes all of the difficulties and stress of haggling out of the equation. We respond to offers via email and phone, so please make sure you check your messages if you do decide to make an offer with us!

Finally, we hope our online antique store gives you a fun experience! Indeed, antique furniture is an imaginative and exciting hobby! We hope your passion for antiques and antique furniture continues to develop as ours has!

Happy browsing!

Written by Rachel LaBoheme
Thank you for inviting us into your bohemian style home!
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