Monet Giclee Of Boat


Item: Reproduction Monet on Canvas of the Painting, “The Studio Boat”

Age & Condition: Circa 2000. Very good condition.

Dimensions: 24″ tall x 26″ wide.

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Monet Giclee of “The Studio Boat”

Claude Monet Giclee (reproduction on canvas) of the painting, “The Studio Boat.” This beautiful framed reproduction painting is a treat for the eyes and very nicely framed. There is a gold inner frame, surrounded by a half inch or so of black frame and finally framed in a deep wooden (probably maple or walnut) outer frame.

The reproduction painting is in very good vintage condition. The painting looks quite realistic and probably cost a pretty penny when first purchased.

A giclee is a process in which paintings are reproduced on canvas with great accuracy and realism. After an advanced printing process, paint is added to the canvas to give it an even more three dimensional and realistic appearance.

Claude Monet Painting

Claude Monet is known as the father of impressionism. His joyful and colorful works often feature water and light.

This particular painting, known as “The Studio Boat” (or “Le Bateau-atelier” in French) was painted by Monet in 1874. During this period, Monet lived in Argenteuil (outside of Paris) and often painted from inside his studio boat in the River Seine. His most famous works, like his series of water lilies, are comprised completely of water scenes. Monet was fascinated by the effect of light on water and did many “en plein air” works.

This work shows Monet’s cherished boat rocking calmly in the river on a beautiful summer day. The landscape and reflection in the water are beautifully rendered, giving the sense of quiet ripples and perhaps a calm breeze.