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Item: Vintage China Cabinet by American Drew (two Piece).

Age & Condition: Circa 1990. One small break in the mirrored back. Please see photos.

Dimensions: 70.5″ wide x 18″deep x 80″ tall.

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Beautiful vintage china cabinet in Federal Style. This lovely mirror back American Drew Cabinet would be a beautiful addition to any dining room.

Vintage China Cabinet

This vintage china cabinet has a beautiful and stately design. It features a lovely top with mirrored back and accent lighting. Certainly, this illuminates anything placed within the cabinet. Additionally, the glass doors have a beautiful overlay design. On the crown, you will find a pretty Greek revival trim, complete with swirls, and a dental molding at the very top.

On the base cabinet, drawers and banded doors allow for plenty of storage of linens, and silverware.

American Drew Cabinet

This American Drew Cabinet shows very well, and has a dark finish that exudes richness. The cabinet shows considerable attention to detail and quality construction. The drawers are dovetailed and the glass shelves are thick. Also, each of the doors features a long piano hinge, which prevents warping.

Overall, the cabinet is in very good shape. That said, there is a tiny break in the mirror on the back of the cabinet. It is quite slight and very easy to miss. Truth be told, we didn’t notice it for the first week the cabinet was here. Please see photos.