Vintage Baby Grand Piano – Cristofori Piano – Model CRG53

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Item: Vintage Baby Grand Piano by Cristofori. Model CRG53.

Age & Condition: Circa 1990-2000. Good, slight fading to two front legs. Small mar to the keyboard cover.

Dimensions: 5 ft 3 in length.

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Beautiful vintage baby frand piano in mahogany finish. This gorgeous vintage baby grand piano has an elegant look, and shows nice quality.

Of course, the baby grand piano has a deep polished wood finish in a mahogany wood. The name “Cristofori” comes from the Italian Musical instrument maker, Bartolomeo Cristofori. This gentleman is credited with the invention of the piano in 1709.

Vintage Baby Grand Piano

Although imported from China, this piano nonetheless has an incredible look and several amazing features. Firstly, the piano features Mapes international gold series bass strings. Secondly, it has Siberean white spruce veneered soundboard, which gives it a very attractive look.

All of the action parts inside the piano are hard rock maple. Additionally, the baby grand piano has solid brass hardware and wheels.

In many stores, this model of piano retails for over $10,000.

Finally, the piano includes a matching padded top bench.

Baby Grand Piano

This used baby grand piano shows very good condition. That said, there are a few areas to mention: the front legs appear slightly faded. (However, I believe you may be able to have the faded section pointed towards the back or side to minimize this flaw.)

Also, there is a small break to the finish on the keyboard cover. Please see photos.

Otherwise, Kramer’s Piano Shop (New Midway, MD) has quoted $250 for two tunings after delivery. Delivery can also be arranged through Kramer’s, and is the company we used to have the piano delivered to our store. Their website has a convenient form that can provide a quote for shipping.