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Antique dealers are professionals who specialize in buying, selling, and sometimes restoring antique items. Here are some key points to know about antique dealers:

Expertise: Antique dealers typically have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of antiques. They are familiar with various styles, periods, and materials used in antique items, allowing them to accurately assess the value and authenticity of pieces.

Inventory: Antique dealers often maintain an inventory of antique furniture, artworks, collectibles, and other items sourced from estate sales, auctions, private collections, and other sources. Their inventory may include items from different historical periods and regions, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

Appraisal Services: Antique dealers may offer appraisal services to clients interested in determining the value of their antique items. They use their expertise and market knowledge to assess the condition, rarity, and provenance of items and provide clients with an estimate of their value.

Sales and Marketing: Antique dealers engage in sales and marketing activities to promote their inventory and attract potential buyers. This may include setting up storefronts or galleries, participating in antique fairs and shows, and maintaining an online presence through websites and social media platforms.

Networking: Antique dealers often have extensive networks within the antique community, including other dealers, collectors, auction houses, and restoration specialists. These networks allow them to source rare and desirable items, collaborate on acquisitions, and connect buyers with specific pieces they are seeking.

Restoration Services: Some antique dealers offer restoration services to clients interested in restoring or preserving antique items. This may involve repairing damage, refinishing surfaces, or replacing missing parts to restore items to their original condition while maintaining their authenticity and value.

Ethical Standards: Reputable antique dealers adhere to ethical standards and practices in their business dealings. They provide accurate descriptions and provenance information for items, disclose any restoration or repairs done to pieces, and ensure fair and transparent pricing for buyers and sellers.

Customer Service: Antique dealers strive to provide excellent customer service to clients, offering personalized assistance and guidance throughout the buying or selling process. They may offer advice on collecting, decorating with antiques, and caring for antique items to help clients make informed decisions.

Licensing and Certification: In some regions, antique dealers may be required to obtain licenses or certifications to operate their businesses legally. These regulations help ensure compliance with industry standards and consumer protection laws.

Passion for Antiques: Above all, antique dealers are passionate about antiques and the stories they tell about the past. They take pride in preserving and promoting these treasures for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

When working with antique dealers, it’s essential to research their reputation, credentials, and track record to ensure a positive and satisfying experience. Whether you’re buying, selling, or seeking appraisal services for antique items, partnering with a knowledgeable and trustworthy antique dealer can enhance your appreciation for these unique pieces of history.

Antique Furniture Dealers

A quick stroll through the backroom at Bohemian’s furniture store, Antique Furniture Dealers, Feb 25 2016.

Antique Furniture Dealers

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