Vintage Original Oil Painting signed Xue Jian Xin – Suzhou Canal – Framed


Item: Oil on Canvas by Celebrated contemporary artist, Xue Jian Xin.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980. Excellent Condition. One small mark on the linen matting.

Size: 33″ by 39″ (framed dimensions)

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Vintage Original Oil Painting

Oil painting on Canvas by Contemporary artist Xue Jian Xin (Pronounced “Shwey Je-an Chin”) portraying the Suzhou Canal in China.

Xue Jian Xin was born in 1954 in NanJing in Mainland China, but Xue Jian Xin immigrated to the United States in the 1980’s in order to further pursue his passion for the visual arts. While very well educated in his home country (there, he studied fine art at the Suzhou College and then, the NanJing College of Arts) he pursued further accreditation at Bard College in New York State. The artist earned his Masters in Fine Art in 1991 with the Milton Avery Graduate School. While currently settled in the US, Xue Jian Xin is truly an international artist. Over the years, he has showed his work in Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Melbourne, Australia; and New York, New York. Bohemians is very proud to house some of his beautiful original works in our collection in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

Suzhou Canal Painting

Incredibly light, this oil painting features a beautiful color palette of fresh blue and sunny gold. This painting of the Suzhou canal by this Chinese-American artist shows the heavy Impressionist School’s influence on the artist’s work. Most noteworthy, thick dabs of paint help convey both movement of the water and the wind within the trees. Capturing the spirit of light and shadow has been a lifelong obsession for Xue Jian Xin. Here we see a Monet-like play of paint with Xue Jian Xin’s use of the medium. Indeed, the influence of Monet, Pissaro and Van Gogh seeps out of this original oil painting. Of course, the beautiful subject matter almost seems secondary to feeling, mood and light.

The canals and beautiful stone bridges within the city of Suzhou in China have given it the nickname “the Venice of the East.” Also, the lush and elegant gardens of Suzhou have been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, the romance and absolute dream-like quality of the canals, experienced on a perfect sunny day, have been skillfully rendered by Xiu Jian Xin.

This painting is one of many by the artist on this subject matter. Certainly, this shows his sentimental attachment to his homeland. However, the brilliance of the blue water and the absolutely stunning composition captures his love of China like none of his other works. We see the studied yet spontaneous nature of the artist’s hand in the wispy strokes of the budding tree branches and the ripples in the water. Indeed, it is there that we realize we are in front of a work by a truly accomplished and passionate artist.

Fine art Painting

Beautifully framed with a linen matting and gilded wood frame, this oil on canvas will suit many different settings. If you have further interest in this artwork, please feel free to contact us. Our gallery is open by appointment. We can ship this work as well.