Xue Jian Xin Painting – “Suzhuo Canal” – Original Signed Oil Painting on Canvas Framed


Item: Oil on Canvas by Xue Jian Xin of the Suzhou Canal in China.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980-1990. Excellent Condition.

Size: 37.5″ by 47″

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Fine art Painting

An outstanding fine art painting by celebrated artist Xue Jian Xin, this vivid oil on canvas invites the viewer into another world. With a subtle combination of photographic realism and impressionistic distortion, Xin invites us into this world of bright midday sun and cool shadow on the romantic waters of the Suzhou Canal.

Somehow, without explanation, the viewer feels calm, serene and inspired on this journey.

Xue Jian Xin

Xue Jian Xin was born in 1954 in NanJing in Mainland China. Later, the artist immigrated to the United States in the 1980’s in order to further pursue his passion for the visual arts. While very well educated in his home country (there, he studied fine art at the Suzhou College and then, the NanJing College of Arts) he pursued further accreditation at Bard College in New York State. He earned his Masters in Fine Art in 1991 with the Milton Avery Graduate School. While currently settled in the US, Xue Jian Xin is truly an international artist. Over the years, he has shown his work in Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Melbourne, Australia; and New York, New York. Bohemians is very proud to house some of his beautiful original works in our collection in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

This fine art painting, like many of Xue Jian Xin’s other paintings, explores light, shadow and mood beautifully. We are brought into the cool shade of the canal, with its deep blue waters, but we still see the heat of the piercing sun on the buildings. This juxtaposition of cool and hot is masterfully rendered with just the use of saturated color. Of course, many people believe this is his great skill as an artist. Xue Jian Xin studied the Impressionists, and many of his water and outdoor scenes display his admiration of the mid 19th century European artists.

Yet Xue Jian Xin is an artist unique and stellar in his own right. Certainly, his love for the canals of the Suzhou in China, often called “the Venice of the East,” is apparent in his work. He painted the canals many times. This enchantment with the canals, and their winding waterways and historic stone buildings, is beautifully captured in this painting. Indeed, it is hard not to share Xin’s passion and feeling of wanderlust for this romantic and special place.

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