antique oil on canvas
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Antique Oil on Canvas – Landscape Painting

Item: Antique Oil on Canvas of a Landscape.

Age & Condition: Circa 1850. Good condition with some slight stretching to the canvas and some wear to the frame.

Dimensions: Framed Dimensions: 17.5″ wide x 13″ tall.


Antique Oil on Canvas

Antique Oil on canvas with beautiful landscape scene. This small antique oil on canvas has incredible detail and depth. Of course, it shows great mastery of portraying light, perspective and nature.

Landscape Painting

This landscape painting shows five small figures walking along a path. The path is surrounded by gigantic trees and beautiful foliage and shows the immensity of the natural world. The artist has achieved great depth and naturalism with his dainty brushstrokes.

This landscape painting is in very good condition considering its estimated age (circa 1850). There appears to be some stretching to the canvas and some wear to the frame. However, none of these slight issues detract from the beauty of this original work of art.

An original oil on canvas can add so much beauty and sophistication to a room.

Certainly, this beautiful work will become a true focal point.