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Vintage Landscape Paintings, A Pair, Whats The Value?

Item: Vintage Reproduction Paintings in Gilded Frames (The Pair).

Age & Condition: Circa 2000. Good Vintage Condition.

Dimensions: 17″ wide x 19″ tall x about 2″ deep.


Vintage Landscape Paintings

Nice vintage Landscape Paintings in gilded traditional frames. These lovely nice landscapes on board have a very nice traditional look. These paintings sold at Bohemians fine furniture during April of 2022 for about $400 for the pair.

Of course, the landscape paintings both feature small streams, likely from different angles of the same location. In fact, both have very similar vegetation in the scenes.

Certainly, these landscape paintings reflect 18th century traditional oil paintings. However, they most likely are studio works painted much later.

The heavy deep frames also add a nice touch to these nice pieces of décor.