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Vintage Dining Table, Amish Made Furniture

Item: Handmade Walnut Tables with Glass Tops.

Age & Condition: Circa 2001. Very good condition, a few light scratches to the table tops. Each table includes a Glass Top.

Size: 36″ wide x 36″ deep x 30″ tall.


Vintage Dining Tables

Solid walnut hand made vintage dining tables made by the Pennsylvania craftspeople, Ira Lesher and Sons from Marion, PA for $199 a piece. These beautiful and simple tables may be joined together or separated. They have subtle snake feet and a simple apron. They are 3 ft by 3 ft table tops. Of course, each one has a piece of glass for the top. They would be perfect in a small kitchen or in front of a banquette.

These tables have a few light scratches but the glass top makes it very hard to see any blemishes. If you would like to purchase both, please select 2. Nice quality and great vintage dining tables. simple Amish furniture craftsmanship from Pennsylvania Company.

The vintage tables have polished glass tops to protect against wear. The use of walnut in handcrafted furniture is rare today because of the great expense. Truly heirloom quality furniture at a great affordable price point.