Vintage End Table, Baker Furniture, Burl Walnut Table


Item: Vintage End Table by Baker Furniture Company.

Age & Condition: Circa 1960. Good, original finish. Some light fading.

Dimensions: 24″ wide x 26″ deep x 25″ tall.

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Stylish vintage end table by Baker Furniture Company. This vintage end table has a beautiful burl walnut design and warm light finish.

Vintage End Table

Of course, this vintage end table has a stylish design, that bridges classic and contemporary. The table features an almost square shape. Also, it has a straight leg that ends in a snake foot, with a little bit of detail at the knees. Finally, it has a beautiful grain on both the top and a burl grain on the drawer face.

Baker Furniture

High end furniture company, Baker Furniture, is known both for its cutting-edge trendy designs, as well as their more classic lines of reproduction furniture. This vintage end table shows Baker’s signature quality, with a more trendy Mid Century Modern design that most likely dates to the 1960s.

Overall, it shows good vintage condition. It may have a bit of fading. However, it has a warm color and nice look.