Vintage Large Bookcase Cabinet, Lighted Bookcase


Item: Vintage Lighted Bookcase Cabinet (unmarked). (Two piece cabinet).

Age & Condition: Circa 1990. Good vintage condition. Small chip to the side of the cabinet and some light signs of age.

Dimensions: 77″ wide x 18″ deep x 93.5″ tall.

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Unique and stylish vintage bookcase cabinet. This large bookcase cabinet is great for a library or family room and has plenty of room for display.

Vintage Large Bookcase Cabinet

Of course, what makes this vintage large bookcase cabinet unique is its design with the pediment top. Drawing on antique architecture, this bookcase has quite the imposing presence with the pyramid shaped pediment and strong columns.

Additionally, the center section features glass shelves inset into wooden frames. This allows light to pass through, but for nice visual weight as well. The two side sections feature wooden shelves.

The bottom section of the cabinet features four cabinet doors with additional closed storage.

Lighted Bookcase

Overall, this lighted bookcase shows well and has good vintage condition. It has a few light signs of age and use, such as a small chip to the wood on the side of the base cabinet.

Despite these flaws, this large bookcase will certainly fill a large room and add tons of character to the space!