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Vintage Poster Bed, Queen Poster Bed, Attributed to Henkel Harris Furniture


Item: Vintage Poster Bed, attributed to Henkel Harris.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980-1990. Refinished. Two small blemishes on the footboard.

Dimensions: 65″ wide x 88″ long x 88″ tall.

Sorry This Item Has Been Sold!


Beautiful carved four poster bed in solid cherry wood. This lovely carved bed has an elegant and traditional look, and appears to have been made by Henkel Harris.

Vintage Poster Bed

Although unmarked, we have a high suspicion that this bed was made by the Henkel Harris workshops. The “sharpness” of the headboard, along with the intricate swirl pattern found on each of the posts, appears to be very similar to model 151-5/0 Bed by Henkel Harris.

Regardless of the maker, this bed shows superior quality. It has really intricate posts featuring the traditional “wheat shafts” in the posts.

Additionally, it has pretty carved fluting along the posts, as well as a carved swirl pattern. The top finials, too show some nice detail.

Queen Poster Bed

This nice Queen Poster Bed will accomodate a standard Queen box-spring and mattress. Although the posts are solid (meaning, they do not come apart), you can dissassemble the entire posts from the headboard and footboard if you need to move it up a narrow stairwell or passage.

Each side bolts together and the bed has a nice tight frame.

We refinished this bed in order to restore it. However, it has two stubborn marks on the footboard. Please see the photos.