Antique French Clock, Tall Case Clock, Morbier Clock


Item: Antique Grandfather Clock, Morbier Clock.

Age & Condition: Circa 1840. Refinished case. Serviced and oiled clock parts. Runs and keeps time.

Dimensions: 18″ wide x 11″ deep x 101″ tall.

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Antique French Clock

Amazing, grand and beautiful Antique French Clock with incredible detail. This beautiful tall case clock will surely steal the show in any French style home.

Of course, the antique French clock has a beautiful wooden case. The case features a tall door with subtle scroll work panel in the front. Additionally, the hood of the clock has glass on all three sides. It has beautiful metal eschutcheons on the doors and rustic turnstyles that keep them closed.

Certainly, the beautiful metal face with porcelain numbers really draws your attention. It has a very detailed design of metalwork across the face. Also, it has a filigree style metal crown on the top of the face.

Additionally, the clock has beautiful star shaped hands.

Morbier Clock

A “Morbier Clock” is a term that distinguishes a particular French Provincial or Country style. Unlike very fine Urban-made French Clocks, Morbier clocks have a somewhat more rustic appearance. In fact, the Morbier region of France (near the border of Switzerland, Juta Provence), saw a unique clock-making cottage industry develop in the 18th century.

There, cheese-makers and farmers sought the craft of clock making to supplement their seasonal income. Commonly, each craftsperson or family specialized in creating certain clock parts, such as the cogs, weights or pendulum. Then, the “engreneur” (the gear-man of the clockwork) assembled the product.

In roughly 1860, much of this cottage industry died out, as small factories and the industrial revolution changed the nature of work for much of France.

Today, Morbier Clocks are sought after for their rustic charm, amazing engineering and unique story.

Tall Case Clock

We did some work to restore the case of this antique Grandfather clock. We refinished the clock. Additionally, the clock works were professionally serviced (Northside Clock Shop, Hagerstown, MD). It runs and keeps time nicely.