Antique English Clock, John King Clock, Tall Case Clock, Grandfather Clock


Item: Antique English Tall Case Clock, John King signature inscribed.

Age & Condition: Circa 1760. Restored wooden case. Works have been serviced.

Dimensions: 15.5″ wide x 11″ deep x 95.5″ tall.

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Beautiful antique english clock in mahogany wood. This beautiful tall case clock has so much old world charm and beauty!

Of course, this English clock has a signature from the maker on the beautiful brass face, John King. Inscribed underneath his name is the word, London.

Antique English Clock

Besides for these inscriptions, the clock featured a paper documenting its history, with a date for each time the clock was serviced from the 1760s. Amazingly, this paper has survived.

The case features beautiful scrol columnss on either side of the hood, a scalloped back, tall mahogany case with beautiful figural mahogany grain. Also, it has a delicate scalloped apron and splayed foot. Finally, it has the original brass finial on top.

Grandfather Clock

We did a few things to restore the wooden case of this antique Grandfather clock. Firstly, we repaired one of the dainty columns on the side of the hood. Secondly, we reinforced the wooden door to the case, which suffered significant warping. Thirdly, we refinished the case in order to restore the lovely mahogany wood.

Finally, we had the works serviced at Northside Clock shop, Hagerstown Maryland. Typically, they hold the works for 3-8 weeks and oil and repair any parts. Additionally, this clock shop guarantees their work for one year after service date (October 2023).

The clock has a crisp bell that strikes on the quarter hour.