Country French Furniture

Country French Furniture, Our Best French Inspired Pieces

Country French Furniture

Country French Furniture offers a classic look for those who love the elegance of French furniture but want a relaxed feel. In fact, country French style can be achieved with authentic antiques or with country French furniture reproductions.

In this article, we will look back at our best French Country style pieces of all time. Some of these items were over 100 years old and actually came from France. Others feature beautifully made reproduction items that mimic the Old World look.

Is Country French Still in Style?

Unfortunately, country French style has waned in popularity in recent years, according to some style experts. However, just because something has less popularity in the marketplace today, doesn’t mean it is not a worthy pursuit.

Country French is a beautiful, livable and charming decorating style. Done correctly, it brings a feminine and comfortable look to a home.

Additionally, most country French furniture items show good quality. Reproductions from brands like Ethan Allen, Drexel and Henredon made high end furniture that will last for decades.

So, without further ado, here is our list of the top 20 French Country furniture pieces

  1. Century Furniture Country French Cabinet
  2. Antique French Sideboard
  3. Thomasville Vintage Buffet
  4. Ethan Allen French Country Dining Table
  5. Antique Sunflower Cabinet
  6. French Country Dining Chairs by Pennsylvania House
  7. Pine Vintage Hutch Cabinet
  8. Hickory French Country Desk
  9. French Provincial Vanity
  10. Vintage French Settee
  11. Ethan Allen French Country Cabinet
  12. Century Wardrobe
  13. Antique French Rococo Clock
  14. White Furniture Dresser
  15. Victorian Limoges Plate Set
  16. Floral Chair
  17. Antique French Wardrobe
  18. Thomasville French Writing Desk
  19. Henredon Vintage Secretary Desk
  20. Country French Ethan Allen Chairs

1. Century Furniture Country French Cabinet

This High quality vintage cabinet by Century Furniture had an incredible look.

Century Furniture, Country French Furniture

It featured beautiful heavy doors, carving and cabriole style legs. Of course, Century Furniture has a reputation for quality.

Vintage China Cabinet

In fact, the Century Cabinet was so heavy that we dreaded delivering it. The quality could be seen in the thick glass shelves as well.

2. Antique French Style Sideboard

This beautiful antique sideboard had beautiful walnut veneers, lovely subtle carvings and incredible French style hardware.

Antique Buffet, French Country Furniture

In order to bring it back to life, we refinished this lovely circa 1920 buffet.

Antique French Buffet

Although bordering on the formal side, this buffet no doubt could work in a traditional French Country dining room.

3. Thomasville Vintage Buffet

This adorable French Provincial Buffet had a charming, more casual look. Of course, Thomasville Furniture Company made beautiful French reproductions in the 1960s and 1970s.

Vintage Buffet, Country French Furniture

Additionally, many people like the way the Thomasville finish mellows over the years. Indeed, this vintage buffet really added a ton of charm to its new room!

French Country Buffet

4. Ethan Allen Vintage Dining Table

Certainly, this Country French Dining Table by Ethan Allen has a similar French charm. Obviously, the scalloped corners and nice curved legs add to this southern French style.

Vintage Table, Country French Furniture

I think the best description for this type of table is casually elegant. Can’t you see it under a large Crystal chandelier?

5. Antique Sunflower Cabinet

This antique Art Nouveau Cabinet has a great look for a sunny home in the South of France. Certainly, I can see this unique cabinet becoming a focal point in any French Country living room or bedroom.

Sunflower Cabinet, Antique Cabinet

Like a Van Gogh painting, this fine antique cabinet really steals the show.

Country French Armoire

6. Pennsylvania House Dining Chairs

Rush seats definitely evoke the relaxed atmosphere of a true French country manor. So, these vintage Pennsylvania House Dining chairs made quite an impression.

Rush Seat Chairs, Country French Chairs

The vertical rungs on the chairs made these unique chairs fit right at home with a trestle table.

French Dining Chairs

7. Light Pine Country Hutch Cabinet

Light finishes and soft woods often speak of country homes. So, this Pine Country hutch could fit right at home with a relaxed French style home.

Country Style Hutch

The thick pine wood really gives this cabinet a relaxed look. However, the tiny drawers gave it lots of detail, perfect for a French Country kitchen. I can see striped dish towels strewn on the top.

Country French Hutch

8. Hickory French Country Secretary Desk

Chicken wire doors automatically give a rustic country look to any secretary desk.

French Country Secretary Desk

This adorable narrow vintage French Secretary Desk by Hickory Manufacturing really adds a sweet touch to any Provincial style room.

9. French Provincial Vanity

Sometimes, French Provincial furniture can look a little fake. In fact, in the 1960s through 1980s, many vintage furniture companies added a white factory finish to many of their French provincial pieces.

French Country Vanity

However, personally, I mostly prefer the wood finishes, like on this solid cherry French style vanity. Indeed, the classic cherry color can fit very nicely in a traditional bedroom.

10. French Tufted Settee

Of course, this list could not be complete without some really luxurious French Style sofa or settee. Certainly, this tufted and curvy little settee could work in any entryway, living room or bedroom decorated in the Country French style.

French Country Sofa

Additionally, the cute pale blue and yellow fabric really adds to the delightfulness of this petite sofa.

French Country Loveseat

11. Ethan Allen Country French Hutch

As mentioned, Ethan Allen made some incredible country French style pieces. Over the years, we have been lucky to buy and sell some beautiful solid cherry French style pieces. However, this charming Ethan Allen hutch really had a memorable look.

Ethan Allen Country French

I loved the wavy glass in the doors, and the antique style hinges on this nice vintage china cabinet.

Ethan Allen Country French Furniture

12. Century Furniture Wardrobe

Predictably, Century Furniture has another spot on our list, this time with their beautiful French Style Wardrobe. This reproduction wardrobe had soft curtains and chicken wire in the doors, adding a very simply and provincial look.

Century Furniture French Country Furniture

Of course, the cabinet showed great quality. It had fitted drawers and shelves on the interior, making it a very useful French country furniture piece.

Country French Furniture

13. Antique French Rococo Clock

While not exactly a piece of French Country furniture, this Rococo clock adds tons of glamour to any French style home.

French Clock

The circa 1850 antique mantel clock adds a layer of richness to any room that starts to get too tarnished. After all, authentic French antiques add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to a room.

French Clock

14. White Furniture French Tall Chest

Although not as well known as Ethan Allen, White Furniture Company made some really great French style pieces back in the day. This Fitted French tall chest is no exception.

French Country Furniture

The accordion style doors and beautiful glitzy hardware made this tall chest a beautiful fit in a French Country bedroom.

French Country Dresser

15. Victorian Limoges Plate Set

Again, accessories tend to bring a room to the next level. In Country French homes, plates often take the place of expensive artwork on the walls. These early Limoges plates were decorated by hand in the Limoges region of France.

Country French Decor

Their ruby red backgrounds and touch of gold made them a great choice for any lighted cabinet or wall decoration.

French Country Decor Antique Plates

16. Floral Chair

With most relaxed country homes, there is a sense that the upholstery doesn’t change too often. And this was exactly the draw in this yellow floral arm chair set that could have a place in any sunny French home.

French Country Furniture Chairs

Eventually, these sweet accent chairs found their way to a little girl’s nursery.

17. Antique French Wardrobe

If you inherited a huge manor from some great aunt, you might expect to find this grand old French armoire sitting in the bedroom!

Antique French Country Furniture

An amazing and incredible work of art, this antique wardrobe has so much detail. The beautiful floral motifs have a subtle and romantic feel.

Antique Armoire

18. Thomasville French Writing Desk

Sometimes, a petite writing desk is all you need to set off a room. This nice French Country style desk had a parquet top and beautiful Cabriole style legs.

French Country Furniture Desk

Of course, if you have the heart of a writer, this romantic French desk is for you.

Vintage French Country Furniture

19. Henredon French Country Secretary Desk

If you need a grander focal point, this tall vintage Henredon Secretary Desk could really set off a room.

Vintage Henredon Country French Secretary Desk

Of course, this dark oak finish really gives off a country French furniture vibe. And, the curvy bombe shape really adds to its presence.

Country French Secretary Desk

20. Ethan Allen Country French Chairs

Dainty and petite, these lovely Ethan Allen Country French chairs had a charming striped fabric.

Ethan Allen Country French

Of course, the real lure of these vintage chairs was their elegant shape and curvy back. Indeed, these fantastic vintage chairs could really add the strong element of French decorating to any home.

Ethan Allen Country French

Decorating with Country French Furniture

So, there you have it! Our list of our favorite Country French furniture over the years. While some of these pieces are no longer available, we hope that it gives you a good starting point if you intend to decorate in this classic style.

Ultimately, although not found in modern furniture stores today, this style furniture offers a nostalgic and comfortable home. With a lack of hard edges and a slightly regal touch, French Country still manages to look homey and cozy.

By layering in accessories, touches of nature, floral and checkered fabrics, you can bring these Country French furniture pieces to life.

But please, let us know, do you like French Country decorating? What brands or pieces do you look for for a Country French room?

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