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Antique Partner Desk – Kittinger Furniture

Item: Antique Oak and Walnut Partner’s Desk by Kittinger Furniture.

Age & Condition: Circa 1910. Refinished and Restored.

Size: 72″ wide x 28″ deep x 31″ tall.

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Partner Desk

Phenomenal antique Partner Desk dates from circa 1910. Kittinger Furniture Company hand crafted this two sided partner desk (antique executive desk) in the Jacobean Style. The Buffalo New York Company is known worldwide for their incredible craftsmanship of fine furniture. This partner’s desk reflects Kittinger Furniture’s use of high quality materials and stylish approach even during their formative years as a company.

Antique Partner Desk

This lovely 6 ft long partner desk looks great from every angle. It has high-relief carving on all drawers and cabinet doors. The desk has incredible unique style, Renaissance or Jacobean. If you are looking to add Old World style to your home, this antique desk surely delivers. For instance, it has two tone walnut and oak decorations covering the desk surfaces. These heavy Gothic carvings help the desk look older and more European. Also, we were able to polish the original brass hardware.

This antique partner’s desk will surely impress at home or in the office. Because of the long length, two people can comfortably work at the desk. However, the desk sits only a little over two feet in depth, so it does not take up an excessive amount of room. Of course, the doors and cabinet doors work on both sides, letting each partner to have his or her own personal space.

Our team was able to refinish and restore the partner desk. It has a lovely stylish Bohemian look and professional finish. Furthermore, the partner’s desk maintains its original character. Undoubtedly, this desk will be a focal point in any room.