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Antique Rococo Clock – French 19th Century

Item: Antique Rococo Style French Clock.

Age & Condition: Circa 1880. Incredible finish and Excellent condition. Serviced and runs.

Size: 11″ wide x 6″ deep x 17″ tall.

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Antique Rococo Clock

Phenomenal antique Rococo Clock with gilt finish. This amazing antique has been very well preserved and cared for. It absolutely shines with the gilded finish! Of course, we know that this French antique Rococo Clock dates to the late 19th century. Thus, we had the interior restored to make sure that it functions as a timepiece in your home.

This gilded mantel clock has absolutely beautiful details. In fact, the details and artistry of this antique Rococo clock are sure to wow your friends and family. The four c-scroll feet help stabilize this beautiful table clock. Of course, you will notice that this clock is not perfectly symmetrical in design. Rather, the artisan has created an asymmetrical design. For instance, leaves that climb the right sight of the base are not seen on the left. This allows the foliage to look more naturalistic. Indeed, it is a tell tale sign of the French Rococo period.

Likewise, around the face of the clock, you will notice different decorative foliage on either side. Flowers and vines on one side, and simpler scrolls on the other. Furthermore, the top has a typical design element for the Rococo design. Almost a wave of leaves swaying to the right caps the clock. This beautiful design element helps this exquisite mantel clock have movement and life.

Finally, in the center of the base of the clock, you will notice an emblem. This carved emblem is Louis XVI in style as the crossed motif of the flaming torch (symbolizing the light of truth) and the quiver of arrows (symbolizing the quest for justice). This emblem of course also confirms that this late 19th century clock has roots in the past.

Antique Clock

The clock parts have been completely overhauled and cleaned by a professional. This ensures that the clock runs and keeps good time. The clock face is nearly pristine. Glass bezel is original.