Vintage Hutch Cabinet, Maple Hutch Cabinet, Heywood Wakefield Furniture

Vintage Hutch Cabinet, Maple Hutch Cabinet, Heywood Wakefield Furniture

Nice vintage hutch cabinet in solid maple wood. This cute vintage cabinet would be great in a kitchen, dining room or living room.

Vintage Hutch Cabinet

Of course, this vintage hutch cabinet comes apart in two pieces. The top part of the hutch features two glass doors and an open cubby. The wooden shelves are adjustable and feature two grooves of plate rail. Also, the back is lined with a charming beadboard style wood.

The bottom half of the cabinet has great storage as well. It has three drawers down the middle (the bottom two drawers are actually one deep one). Additionally, it has cabinet space on either side.

Maple Hutch Cabinet

This maple hutch cabinet has all of the charm of vintage furniture. Firstly, it shows great quality, with thick maple boards and maple secondary wood used throughout. Also, the hutch has a lovely farmhouse style design.

Heywood Wakefield made this hutch in the 1960s. The Massachusetts company is known for their Mid Century Modern design. However, they also made lovely traditional and Early American style pieces such as this one.

This piece shows good condition, with light signs of age or use. That said, the maple wood shows nicely and in certain spots has a beautiful grain pattern.

Someone has installed a three plug outlet in the underside of the hutch top (concealed from view). Of course, this makes it very convenient to plug in small appliances.

Heywood Wakefield is a well-known American furniture manufacturer famous for its mid-century modern designs. Vintage hutch cabinets made by Heywood Wakefield are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

A maple hutch cabinet from Heywood Wakefield would typically exhibit the company’s characteristic sleek lines, blonde or wheat finish, and quality craftsmanship. These pieces often feature clean, simple designs with a focus on functionality and elegance.

When searching for vintage Heywood Wakefield furniture, it’s essential to look for authentic pieces with proper markings or labels to ensure their authenticity. These items can add a touch of timeless sophistication to any home décor scheme and are often prized for their durability and style.

If you’re interested in purchasing or learning more about Heywood Wakefield furniture, you may want to explore antique shops, online marketplaces specializing in vintage furniture, or auctions featuring mid-century modern pieces. Additionally, there are communities and forums dedicated to discussing and trading vintage furniture where you might find valuable information and resources.

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