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Antique Wardrobe, Victorian Armoire, Walnut Armoire


Item: Antique Wardrobe in Solid Walnut with Mirrored front.

Age & Condition: Circa 1880. Refinished and restored.

Dimensions: 44″ wide x 23″ deep x 96″ tall.

Sorry This Item Has Been Sold!



Beautiful, impressive and one of a kind antique wardrobe with stunning design. This lovely grand wardrobe would be perfect in any traditional home!

Antique Wardrobe

This antique wardrobe is what is often called a “knock-down wardrobe.” This means that each piece, the crown, back, sides and base can be easily dissasembled for moving. Of course, this makes it a dream for any antique home with a narrow staircase or for any other difficult move.

The Victorian armoire features one large mirrored door. The front mirror is beveled and likely was replaced at a later date, since no silvering or age to the glass can be found.

Additionally, the wardrobe has a beautiful carved crown that sits on top with dowels. Finally, the wardrobe features one large drawer at the base.

Victorian Armoire

This stunning Victorian armoire has quite an impressive look. It stands at 96″ tall.

We refinished this walnut wardrobe in order to bring back the beauty and color of the wood. It shows very well.