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Antique French Cupboard, Carved Cabinet, Brittany Style

Item: Antique Carved Brittany Cabinet, French Cabinet (Bretagne).

Age & Condition: Circa 1880. Good overall condition. Some warping to the bottom cabinet door.

Dimensions: 45″ wide x 21″ deep x 78″ tall.


Beautiful Antique French Cupboard, from the Brittany region of France (Bretagne). This lovely antique cabinet has so much character, charm and beauty!

Antique French Cupboard

Of course, Brittany Style antiques have a very distinct style. Pieces from this region typically feature carved elements done in a somewhat rustic or primitive style. Additionally, there are usually some Celtic inspired motifs to be found, since this North West Region of France is recognized as a Celtic nation even today.

So, this cabinet features many carved elements that distinguish it from other French Furniture. There is a noted rusticity to the carvings, differing greatly from fine Rococo or more classically Baroque elements.

Instead the paneled details on the doors and friezes are much simpler and have a folk art quality.

Additionally, in the top small drawers, you will find some Celtic knot type designs.

Carved Cabinet, Brittany Style

Overall this carved cabinet shows very well, for its period, age and style. As noted, this cabinet has a rustic, almost primitive feel. Indeed, it has many signs of character and roughness to its exterior.

Therefore, this carved Brittany Style cabinet has a folk-art design that gives it Bohemian feel.

Beautiful for a dining room, living room or foyer, this cabinet features two sets of cabinet doors and a total of four drawers. It would make a very unusual liquor cabinet, or linen cabinet.

The cabinet does have some warping on the bottom doors. Please see photos.

Also, the cabinet comes apart in multiple pieces. The top frieze also detaches completely and sits on top with the help of dowels.