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Antique Cabinet, Gothic Furniture, Walnut, What’s it Worth?

Item: Antique 19th Century Gothic Cabinet (comes apart in multiple pieces).

Age & Condition: Circa 1850-70. Very Good condition, original finish. Some chips and old repairs on the top crown.

Dimensions: 58″ wide x 24″ deep x 102″ tall (93″ without the crown).


Antique Cabinet

Gorgeous and impressive antique cabinet in solid walnut wood. This large cabinet certainly can hold a room, with its impressive height and intricate carvings.

Of course, the beautiful cabinet has a very ornate and finely carved design. Firstly, on the top central door, you will see a double Gothic arch. Inside each arch, the artisans have carved intricate a cathedral window style motif. This relief carving on the doors gives such depth and richness to the cabinet.

Additionally, each of the other cabinet doors has a beautiful scroll-like relief carving. Most likely mimicking biblical scrolls, this motif continues on both the top and bottom of the cabinet.

Finally, the antique cabinet has finely carved twisted columns on either side. More finely carved than barley twists, these columns have a very delicate feel.

Gothic Furniture

Impressive and typically highly carved, Gothic Furniture has captivated people for hundreds of years. This particular cabinet likely dates to the last half of the 19th century, putting it in the Gothic Revival period.

There are some flaws to the cabinet. For instance, the top crown has some repairs and chips which can be seen when the crown has been removed. Please see photos. If you choose to leave the top crown off, the cabinet reaches 93″ in height.

Also, we added a wooden support to the back of the cabinet. Please see photos.

Antique Cabinet, What’s it Worth?

This beautiful European cabinet sold in January 2023 for roughly $3000 plus shipping.